The recent developments out of Penn State University are already an absolute nightmare, and many are left with the sickening feeling that the depth of the abuse has yet to be fully revealed.

Former NHLer Sheldon Kennedy suffered through similar horrors at the hands of a hockey coach for five years, which lead to thoughts of suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse. Many years after coming forward, he now works to make sure that this doesn’t happen to other people.

Listen to him speak on the Penn State situation below.

At the end of the interview he mentions that, on average, a child has to tell seven adults before someone takes action. We can do better.

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  1. Thank you so much for bringing attention to this issue on your blog Justin. Education and exposure are key in both trying to end episodes of abuse and in helping victims overcome the damage.

    When it happened to me 40 years ago, I was not protected by adults who knew either, and to say that I am angry about the events at Penn State is an understatement. How sad that so little has changed in all these years. How infuriating.

    But it is heartening that abuse survivors now feel they can talk publicly about it, because the more light that is shed on the subject, the less place predators and those who might protect them have to hide.

  2. As someone very much on the outside (UK based hockey fan/player) I am stunned by how strongly some folks seem to be supporting/defending Joe P – it’s crazy. As Kennedy said in that vid, he needed to do the right thing and he didn’t. He dropped the ball on this in a MASSIVE way!

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