Breaking news: Ron Wilson is upset with a member of the media.

You just rolled your eyes didn’t you? I know I did when I first saw the news.

We’ve heard it before and we will hear it again. Funny thing is the Leafs are making it really hard for guys like me to make fun of them this year. They are tied for top spot in the East and Phil Kessel leads all players in the goals and points departments. Enter good old Ron to make us remember the joys of picking apart this organization.

Yesterday, I posted a link to a story written by the Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuck.

The Leafs have refused to say much about the injury to James Reimer. First it was “whiplash”, then is was “concussion like symptoms”, but the fact remains that he has missed 9 games. Fans wanted answers, and Feschuck went to the person who might have some of them, Reimer’s mom.

I thought the article was a good read and the idea to call Mrs. Reimer was a great one. It was also entertaining because it gave us a look at what it’s like to be a concerned parent of an injured NHL’er.  Ron Wilson didn’t agree:

“You call wives, parents … you don’t talk to the player? I don’t think that’s proper to be honest with you.”


How dare you do research for an interesting article Mr Feschuck??

Why didn’t you go and get the same response from James and the team that you have received over the last 2 weeks????

After last nights game, Wilson was asked what goalie would start on Saturday, his response:

“Maybe I’ll call the goalies’ mom’s and decide that way”

There is a huge difference between a coach challenging the media, and a coach who is acting like an immature child, Wilson is the latter.

I’ve never coached a game in the NHL and I guarantee I never will, but I’m pretty sure having skin that is thicker than tissue paper is a job prerequisite.  Like I said, this is not the first time Wilson has pulled the cry-baby act. Let’s look at a few others

First,  he goes at a former colleague of mine Howard Berger (jump to 1:26):

Here is Wilson displeased with a question. As he is taking his ball and going home you hear him ask “Who is that guy?”.  Well Ron, he is someone your organization deemed important enough to issue a press pass. He has the same right to be there as anyone else

Ok, lets recap, Ron is mad at something reporters wrote/reported on the radio/asked in a press conference. How about their access, yeah, that sounds like a good one (jump to 1:49, and watch for 1 minute)

As I mentioned, I have no problem with a coach challenging a reporter. I have been in a million scrums and when you are not prepared a coach can eat you up. This is not one of those cases, Wilson just needs to grow some thicker skin and quit acting like a spoiled child.


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Check back later today for the top-10 spin-o-ramas of all time!

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  1. I disagree and agree with you on this one Rob (accent ague) Pizzo. I agree, it’s not shocking Ron Wilson is mad at a media member and I agree I think it’s fine for a reporter/writer to do research beyond just asking the coach. HOWEVER, where I disagree is that I don’t think he should’ve gone to his wife first. I understand Wilson isn’t gonna give answers, so fine don’t go to him, go to the players in the locker room or Reimer himself. To me going behind the entire team’s back to go to his wife (for the matter if he had gone to any family member) to me looks weak. It shows you don’t trust the organization, which if I was Wilson would give me reason to be mad. I do like that he wanted to find out more but I think the players at this point your key people to ask, not their family members.

    • *Mother excuse me not his wife

    • You are completely wrong on this one. Another example of reporter’s inflated egos about how their “job” is so important, regardless of whether people’s privacy or dignity is violated. His Mom? Are you freakin’ kidding? News flash! People think paparazzi are disgusting slime.

  2. Stupid article. You’re an idiot pizzo. What thy reporter did was wrong. I bet James reminder didnt like it. And Ron has every right to get mad. How did you even get a reporting job. You suck.

  3. Why is it the media is allowed to constantly push too much and that is okay, but when someone gets tired of it the media makes them look bad? I think the media constantly pushes people, works as hard as they can to get that “juicy story” that will likely make someone look bad. I dislike the Toronto organization and the coach, but he is right in what he is saying to you. Not to mention, what is more immature? The coach acting like that or you calling him names? I wish you media scum would just leave people alone and report the news rather than make the news.

    • And if ya have a problem with my statement, you have my e-mail address.

    • “what is more immature? The coach acting like that or you calling him names? I wish you media scum…”

      From labeling name-calling as immature to doing some name-calling yourself in the space of about five syllables. Well played…

  4. THE MEDIA IS OUT OF LINE HERE. YES, GUYS. YOU ARE WRONG. GET OFF YOUR ARROGANT SELF-AGGRANDISING PEDESTAL AND GROW UP. DO YOUR JOB AND REPORT THE NEWS. Reimer;s mom is not a public person and has a right to privacy. Wilson is on the money. You should be reamed out for your out of line behaviour. If you con’t believe that as a premise, we will start calling your mom and see what she thinks about your secret girlfriend, and then put the results on Twitter. How do you like them bananas.

  5. I think Ron Wilson is doing an excellent job of putting himself in the media crosshairs, to the benefit of his players.

  6. I disagree with you and think Ron Wilson’s points are valid. I raised my eyebrow when I heard the “Reimer’s Mom” story and thought to myself “please you called the guy’s mom?”.

    The media always tearing people/teams down and I agree fully with his statue analogy. The media needs to realize that we need balanced reporting and not imbalanced sensationalized “at any cost even the honour and dignity of myself or others” type of reporting. The media can dish it but not take it. I say hear hear to Ron Wilson last night and the only reasons the media is again today “pissing” on Ron Wilson is because they can’t stand to hear the sting of the truth and maybe apologize for once or take ownership for their own actions. Keep it up Ron.

  7. You think calling a player’s wife is good research? Then you’re a big
    scum bag too.

  8. So Wilson goes after one of Pizzo’s former colleagues and questions the line of questioning that Berger uses regarding the number of penalties and the Leafs not playing with integrity. Yet in the clip, Wilson references a press conference from the night before… Why is that not included in this post so the readers are given the complete context for the exchange? This is cherry picking certain press conferences – three of how many he has done as coach of the Leafs – to highlight specific aspects of Wilson’s ’tissue paper thin’ skin that helps the author build this caricature of Wilson as a crybaby.

    As athletes, part of their job description is dealing with the media. That does not extend to their family. Wilson is rightly displeased at this tactic of the media to get a story about a player that is akin to the tactics of the News of the World. Is Reimer’s mother a brain injury specialist? If so, then there is a direct connection between the injury he suffered against Montreal and his current absence. Otherwise, there is no need to contact a player’s spouse/partner or their parents. Why not talk to Ian Laperriere’s parents about their concern for his health? What about Marc Savard’s parents about how he is handling his problems? Calling Paul Kariya’s parents anytime soon?

    One of the best things about this site is that the authors frequently respond to comments, whether positive or negative. So Rob, assuming you have the credentials, would you call out Ron Wilson in his next press conference for being a cry-baby that comes across like a spoiled child and needs to grow a thicker skin when dealing with the Toronto media?

  9. Holy crap you’re an idiot. Are you good friend with Larry Brooks, too? Everything about this article is crap … and you seem like the one being immature by calling out Ron Wilson for calling out some Papparazi reporting techniques.

    You seriously think it was fine to call Reimers wife or mom? Are you nuts? If it was OK why isn’t it standard practice? Professional players are basically private property, and what they want to disclose or not disclose about their players is totally up to them.

    Are you totally stupid?? When is the last time a reporter called ANY professional sport’s players mom?

  10. Media crosses the line, and then says ‘get a thicker skin…’. Nonsense. We have amazing media access to team personnel in the Toronto area, especially the Leafs. Reporters should grow up and start asking intelligent questions, such as: Coach Wilson-what exactly is the breakout system you use to exit the defensive zone with speed? Have you encouraged the D to ice the puck rather than hand it to the opps on the Boards? Why do your forwards crowd your own crease instead of blocking the half-boards to prevent passes to the point? Why isn’t Phaneuf getting one-timers on the PP? Why.. well you get the point.. you won’t get those answers talking to anyone’s mama.

  11. Why do we have to know the extent of his injuries. When he is healthy he will return. Calling his mom will not speed up his recovery. So to me it is a total useless piece of reporting.

  12. Either Pizzo is a startup internet troll, or he just enjoys saying the most absurd stuff in ordert to get a reaction which is pretty much what a troll does.

    Yep, Pizzo is an internet troll, and not a very good one I might add. At least find a way to be entertaining, creative, or original.

    Verdict: This article is a fail of the highest order. Congrats, Pizzo!

  13. You people do realise that Reimer’s mother has the right to decline an interview, yes?

    The media has a job to do. That job involves finding out information, such as about Reimer’s health. If they can’t get a straight answer from one source, they’ll go to another. The mother is perfectly valid in this respect, because, as mentioned, she can say no.

    You know when they have microphones and cameras on the street, and they interview random people? Those people are not professions, they are private citizens. Should we start to condemn the media for interviewing them? No, of course not, because they can say no, they can keep walking, etc.

    Let me put it this way…the reason we have papparazzi is because people buy what they are selling. If you don’t like invasive journalism, stop buying it.

  14. Ron Wilson didn’t throw a hissy fit. Not even close. He had every right to be disgusted by the reporting. Your editors don’t call your mother for information on you. No one wants that. That story and this one are cases of social ineptitude. THIS article is the hissy fit.

  15. I think media should be ban from coaches and players there way out of the line Ron wilson has every right to be mad how you like it if someone stick there nose to your personal business and spread the news it’s like telling the world your worst dark secert. I rather wilson say it for himself than media forceing things for attention.

  16. Ron Wilson had all the right to be mad at the media. For the media to get involve into Reimer’s personal life and privacy is uncalled for. Also Wilson is the man so he can do what ever he wants.

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