Breaking news: Ron Wilson is upset with a member of the media.

You just rolled your eyes didn’t you? I know I did when I first saw the news.

We’ve heard it before and we will hear it again. Funny thing is the Leafs are making it really hard for guys like me to make fun of them this year. They are tied for top spot in the East and Phil Kessel leads all players in the goals and points departments. Enter good old Ron to make us remember the joys of picking apart this organization.

Yesterday, I posted a link to a story written by the Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuck.

The Leafs have refused to say much about the injury to James Reimer. First it was “whiplash”, then is was “concussion like symptoms”, but the fact remains that he has missed 9 games. Fans wanted answers, and Feschuck went to the person who might have some of them, Reimer’s mom.

I thought the article was a good read and the idea to call Mrs. Reimer was a great one. It was also entertaining because it gave us a look at what it’s like to be a concerned parent of an injured NHL’er.  Ron Wilson didn’t agree:

“You call wives, parents … you don’t talk to the player? I don’t think that’s proper to be honest with you.”


How dare you do research for an interesting article Mr Feschuck??

Why didn’t you go and get the same response from James and the team that you have received over the last 2 weeks????

After last nights game, Wilson was asked what goalie would start on Saturday, his response:

“Maybe I’ll call the goalies’ mom’s and decide that way”

There is a huge difference between a coach challenging the media, and a coach who is acting like an immature child, Wilson is the latter.

I’ve never coached a game in the NHL and I guarantee I never will, but I’m pretty sure having skin that is thicker than tissue paper is a job prerequisite.  Like I said, this is not the first time Wilson has pulled the cry-baby act. Let’s look at a few others

First,  he goes at a former colleague of mine Howard Berger (jump to 1:26):

Here is Wilson displeased with a question. As he is taking his ball and going home you hear him ask “Who is that guy?”.  Well Ron, he is someone your organization deemed important enough to issue a press pass. He has the same right to be there as anyone else

Ok, lets recap, Ron is mad at something reporters wrote/reported on the radio/asked in a press conference. How about their access, yeah, that sounds like a good one (jump to 1:49, and watch for 1 minute)

As I mentioned, I have no problem with a coach challenging a reporter. I have been in a million scrums and when you are not prepared a coach can eat you up. This is not one of those cases, Wilson just needs to grow some thicker skin and quit acting like a spoiled child.


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