It's nicer than this one.

While my full-time job is writing here at Backhand Shelf, I do have a little side gig with Easton, so feel free to take this product review as you see fit. That said, have no doubt that I’ll give you the truth. I’ve reviewed Easton products before (there’s also a picture of my cat dressed like a dinosaur in that post), and haven’t been shy about knocking what I don’t like.

Plus, hey, there’s a perk - you get to see new products before they come out.

So, here she is:

I’ll touch on the following: style, weight, fit, and overall protection.


I’m leading with style for the obvious reasons. A) It’s the most important thing, contrary to what parents and other educated, informed people think, and B) because it’s so unique looking.

Here are a few angles so you can form your own opinion to start:

Obviously, the most notable thing is the paint job, and I gotta say – the flat-black paint looks awesome. It’s hard to believe this is the first time somebody’s done this (if in fact it is – I haven’t seen it anywhere else). For me, it’s the ideal mix: it stands out, but not in a showy way.

The shape of the helmet is pretty nice - while it’s no Bauer 4000 (the best looking helmet ever made for what’s worth, even if it didn’t protect you much), its shape is as close as anything to recently come out. It’s just a little more rounded and aerodynamic looking than the 4000, and it sits fairly low on the head, which is a must. Nobody likes a toaster-helmet (I’m looking at you, old CCMs).

Overall, style is about preference, but a lot of people are gonna love this look.

(You can get it in white matte as well, or eight non-matte colours)


The helmet is definitely the lightest I’ve ever had on my head. Technology is moving in an insane pace with hockey gear – what does your average skate weigh, as much as a puck?

Not much else to say other than I doubt that there’s anything lighter out there.


If you didn’t know: the company that is “Easton” makes a ton of other helmets – Bell, Giro and Riddell, to name a few. (You can learn how a helmet is made in a column I wrote here after touring their facility “The Dome.”)

For this helmet, they’ve used a different fitting system taken from the bike helmet side of things (it’s “Giro-inspired), and made major improvements.

I wear an older model Easton right now, and it wasn’t my favourite in terms of comfort (I don’t really like it at all, actually). But this one is fantastic. They’ve taken the turny dials and knobs stuff out of the equation (for those of us who don’t fit perfectly into one size or another), and replaced it with an elastic/plastic piece that lets your head fill out as much of the helmet as it needs to. Supremely comfortable.


Undeniably, this is the real “most important” category.

The lid is CSA/HECC/CE certified, and the company touts it’s “multi-impact durability” and “excellent crush-resistant properties” (check that “how helmets are made” link to see them testing crush resistance).

I know that they were testing better than all their other helmets when they were in production, and I’ve been told it’s their most-protective yet, but hey – they’re not even out yet, so we’ll wait for customer reviews in this category.

Anyway, the release date is December 1st so OMG BUY IT EASTON EASTON EASTON. And that concludes this unbiased review.

Oh, and yes – I’ll take out those pesky ear flaps ASAP.

Sorry, kinda blurry self-cellphone pic here.

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  1. My team was measured and fitted for the very same bucket. There expected to be in by the middle of next week, the rep told us they wanted to do an Easton promo as the first team with matte black. Not sure if things will fall into place but still pretty sick. But like you said supper light, not sure if I’m sold on the style yet. But what would be the best cage to go with this?


    The original matte black bucky curtsey of Itech.

  3. Looks pretty good. I liked the concept of the S19 but the helmet was so fit specific that there was no margin for error and it didn’t fit my head. Interesting they have those little pegs for changing the strap system which is like the S17. Also like the concept of the replaceable pads. One more step would be a kit of pad thicknesses to customize the fit even more (like the Total One skates had different tongue inserts for stiffness).

    Don’t like the matte finish personally and also don’t understand everyone’s love affair with the Bauer 4000. The Easton Stealth helmets are right up with CCM and Bauer IMO for great looking lids.

  4. Ryan S – honestly, no idea. Sorry I couldn’t help, I haven’ worn a cage since college.

    Jeff – Hahaha oh my god that thing is almost LITERALLY a bucket.

    Oops, sorry Jarick, the 4000, not 400. Yeah, this fit system is way better.

  5. S17 cage should go with it if have not made a new cage for it. They did not get the S19 cage approved although it looked very good. If the sizing is like the S19 remember to order a cage a size smaller than the helmet, i.e. a small cage for a medium helmet.

  6. Nice tables and chairs.

  7. Meh, I’m sticking with the old CCM. Toast be damned.

  8. I’m personally a fan of the CCM V10′s look, but I’m definitely gonna try one out next year if I decide to get a new lid.

  9. Back in my day I had to sandwhich my dome between two locking pieces of plastic that slid together. Thus resulting in either a helmet that was tight enough to give you a massive headache or lose enough to go flying off on any contact. Oh wait, 90% of the helmets still do this. That fit mechanism looks like a dream come true.

  10. what colors will be available when it comes out? or is it only matte black?

  11. You’re so interesting! I don’t suppose I’ve read a single thing like this before. So great to discover somebody with a few original thoughts on this issue. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This site is one thing that is needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

  12. youre sexier than the helmet.

  13. How are the ear pieces removed on this helmet?

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