The team in theScore video department has done it again – the top 10 spin-o-ramas of all-time, inspired by the terrific Paul Gaustad dish (and the Patrick Kane to Marian Hossa one) the other night.

I’ve got no time for anyone thinks the move is just being showy, and sacrifices practicality.

Check out the way most of these work – in almost every instance, the defenseman thinks the player is cutting in. Once he takes that first step up to cut the guy off, his momentum is going the wrong way, and he’s committed. Sssseeya.

Take it away, fellas…

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  1. Great video clip, guys.

  2. Awesome. Ryan’s is definitely deserving of the top stop. Spins and cuts to the slot so smoothly. Great list, although I thought Timmy’s spin-o-rama maybe shoulda been higher for two reasons. 1) he is a the only goalie on the list and 2) he is Tim Thomas. Thanks for the Friday entertainment!

  3. Spin-o-rama’s can be used all over the place. Witness Dan Boyle’s defensive move behind the net during the Sharks/Wild game last night. Not sure if it’s on video anywhere, but it was SWeeeeeT!

  4. That’s awesome. Great list.

    What’s even better about the Bouchard goal is that it was the second time that he’d done it to Khabibulin…The first coming in a shootout.

  5. Nice, but I feel Henrik Sedin’s double spinorama deserves a spot on the list. How’d you miss this one?

  6. No Cam Neely spin-o-rama? Thomas is cool, but that’s not really what this list was about. Here’s a youtube with the double-pump fake to spin move

  7. I think it’s a cute list, especially how they let other players than Savard on it. Come on he invented and perfected the move. Let me know when they do the Real Top Ten Spin-o-Rama/ Savard’s best Goals video.

    • Amusing how they had Denis Savard on there, but not Serge…Maybe they couldn’t remember which invented it?

  8. Great compilation. Took me a while to find this one, but it is worth at least honorable mention in my book. I sync’d the link so that it begins playing at the clip I think you should look at. It is of Steve Bernier back when he was still with the Sharks’ organization. enjoy

  9. Love these videos. Can’t wait to see top 10 wrap arounds.

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