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Happy Monday, friends.

Thanks for the support of our podcast so far, response has been nothing but positive. Hopefully as I figure out the role of co-host we’ll only get better.

Today Rob and I touch on….

*This year’s Hall of Fame class, including a lengthy discussion on Ed Belfour’s wardrobe

*Next year’s HoF nominees

*Lucic on Miller, and the Sabres (non)-reaction

*Pizzo and I yell at each other about goalies being “fair game”

*GM meetings and rule changes

*Who’s the “Peyton Manning” of the NHL (guy a team can’t win without)

*and the struggling Kings/Ducks/Isles (over the past 10 games)

Listen to it here:

Or download it here.

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  1. Speaking as a goalie, I don’t mind being fair game, but could the league give JUST a little more space for the crease-designated area to the tenders if that’s how they want to proceed?
    As JB pointed out, we haven’t been trained to take a hit. Gettting us to stay in that little spitwad of paint all game is akin to getting the quarterback to stand exactly in the middle of the field exactly on the line of scrimmage, and if he should dare move his feet off that line, BLAMMO! Oh and he has to crouch as well to properly mimic the headshot prone position the goalie has to have.
    Miller did venture fairly far, but the goalie has to have some protection. Either that or we all band together as a separate union and “Ron Hextall” all those forwards who attempt to use a push from a defenceman to punch/clip/pile on us.
    ‘Cuz they’re gutless. GUTLESS.

    P.S. Great job guys, I love the blog and podcasts. Bourno, I’m a longtime follower of this and previous incarnations of your blogs. It’s awesome to have an inside perspective of sorts.

  2. So Miller should have to choose between allowing a wide open breakaway or getting blasted? Let’s put Pizzo in goalie gear and let him get smoked.

  3. Kirk G, thanks for the support man. I gotta say, the podcast has been an awesome addition for me, lotta fun.

  4. It was gross when they dissed Pat Burns. I stopped paying attention to the HOF after that. I would say that Oatsie is a lock, but he’s being the Devil’s bench now, too, so you just don’t know.

    Bourne is right on the goalies. I hate the argument that they’re fair game if they come out to play the puck. Lucic isn’t playing the puck there, he’s trying to punish Miller because he was upset he was stone hands on that one. I don’t see why this is a play we want in hockey. Do we _want_ to see head injuries? I thought we were all against that. I don’t know. Ryan Miller’s a class goalie, it’d suck for the league to lose him. Goalies don’t get any love, but I’m sure Buffalo fans love him as much as Devil fans love Marty, or as much as any team like’s their own goalie.

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