On Saturday, Scott Gomez returned to the ice for the first time since October 20th. That totals seven games played on the year for him, in which he’s yet to tally a goal, and has one assist.

He takes what seems like a seemingly endless amount of snark over his contract, most of which is deserved.

But, as much as there’s no avoiding the fact that he’s overpaid, there’s also no way to claim he’s not an awesome guy.

I was fortunate enough to be in college in Anchorage, Alaska during the NHL lockout. Fortunate, that is, because Gomez had agreed to play for the ECHL’s Alaska Aces.

That meant I got to watch him play pretty regularly near the prime of his career, and that we’d frequently be seeing each other in bars.

That year, Gomez played in 61 games, and basically didn’t try. It was awesome. He lead the league in points with 86 (and won league MVP), but he only scored 13 goals. It was like watching the NHL player in a summer drop-in game who insists on always passing so he doesn’t look like an ass. (I distinctly remember him quarterbacking the powerplay, stopping with the puck, taking a hand off his stick to direct his teammates, then making a pass for a goal after somebody moved.)

As I mentioned, he gets a bad rap because of his contract, but as my friend Josh Ciocco put it “something tells me he doesn’t mind the ‘overpaid’ tag.” This video hints that he’s managing some degree of happiness under the weight of the barbs.

Everyone who knows the guy thinks he’s a funny dude, and you should too.

Getting to know Scott Gomez:

Video from Pulver Sports. I quite enjoyed the clips with Elliotte Friedmann, and on MSG+.