Last night was one of those rare nights during the NHL season where I don’t watch the games (on purpose anyways) . Why didn’t I  watch? It was Hall of Fame Induction night, and for some reason I don’t want to change the channel. I know its pretty much the same thing every year.

Each speech goes something like this:

Of course I couldn’t be here without my parents, thanks for driving me to all those rinks as a kid. I’d like to thank my junior coach (insert name here) , I’d also like to thank (Insert GM here) for taking a chance with me, I want to thank my wife and kids etc etc…

For some reason I love it. Fellas, it’s also one of those rare hockey events that even your wife may enjoy a bit (mine watched the whole thing with me). Ed Belfour, Doug Gilmour, Joe Nieuwendyk and Mark Howe were inducted as the Class of 2011: plenty of storylines could come out with these four.

So here are my 5 thoughts on last nights ceremony…

1) Ed Belfour wore his big boy clothes

I know everyone has been on Eddie for his wardrobe choice on Saturday night for the Hall of Fame game in Toronto, but how can you not be? The other three inductees could have appeared on the cover of GQ magazine.  Belfour probably would not be dressed up enough to get into a bar. However last night, he made sure he donned a nice suit. Atta boy Eddie!

2) This Hall of Fame induction is brought to you by Johnson’s No More Tears Shampoo

There are very few times when a hockey player can cry like a baby and won’t get mocked for it. Getting inducted into the Hall is one of them. Almost every year somebody pauses, tries to keep it in, then finally gives up and lets the tears stream down their face while saying “I love you dad”.

We didn’t see it last night, but we came close….

-Mark Howe got a little choked up when talking about his dad, and putting on a #9 Red Wings Jersey (nice touch)

-Belfour’s voice quivered when thanking God

-Joe Nieuwendyk didn’t cry, but his daughter was balling her eyes out

-Gilmour got emotional when talking about the late Pat Burns (more on that later)

3) 2:25 Minutes

That is how long Ed Belfour’s speech was. To be fair, that is actually longer that I thought it would be. Belfour has never been a man who could be considered long winded, but that was quick. I also REALLY REALLY wanted him  to bring the house down with a bribe joke. Something like: I would like to thank the police officer for not accepting my bribe because I didn’t have a billion dollars! A guy can hope can’t he?

4) 18 years, 5 months, 18 days

That’s how long it has been since Wayne Gretzky high sticked Doug Gilmour and Kerry Fraser missed the call. The night is meant to pay tribute to players accomplishments. Yet, in Gilmour’s induction video, it was still mentioned, displayed and mocked by Tie Domi. I repeat: 18 years, 5 months, 18 days!!!!

5) “Pat Burns…We all miss him, the league misses him, and more importantly, we believe he’ll be here one day” – Doug Gilmour

Amen Dougie, Amen

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