This is the best thing I’ve read about the Boston Bruins in some time – it made me cognisant of something I thought, but wasn’t aware I thought, if that makes any sense.

Maybe what I’m trying to say is: this makes perfect sense, and Steve Dangle is right.

The Bruins have issued The Punk Test to the rest of the NHL, and they’ve all failed.

Before I read that piece (and you should too), I was planning on a post wondering why it’s always the Bruins in the middle of the bullshit. From the hit on Pacioretty to the hit on Miller and beyond, but this is the answer….

They’ve tested plenty of teams, but who’s answered?

The Bruins have an interesting roster. One of the scariest players in the league happens to be their Norris Trophy winning defenseman.

Another “scariest guy in the league” is a 30 goal scorer who cracked my “scariest hitters in the league” list. Oh, and Dangle highlights the fact that he’s also a trained boxer. Here’s Lucic as a teen:

Solid d-men like Ference, Boychuk and McQuaid will answer the bell. Former 30 goal scorer Nathan Horton will go you in a heartbeat. Greg Campbell, Brad Marchand, Shawn Thornton? I mean, Christmas, who’s afraid on that team? Their ultimate enforcer is their goalie.

So yes, the punk test. They’ll do whatever they want until you stop them.

And nobody can answer for the simple reason that their toughness is found in capable players. The Canucks might as well have won the Stanley Cup last year – Boston would’ve swiped it off their lunch tray, kept it, and dared the Canucks to do something about it.

So, they’ve rung another bell, in two different ways when it comes to the Lucic-on-Miller hit. One to see if anyone will answer, and one between Miller’s ears.

I’m not sure what Buffalo should do the next time they play – they’re not gonna win in a brawl, that’s for sure.

But eventually, some team somewhere has to answer the punk test with the Bruins, win or lose. Otherwise, they’re just gonna keep bullying opponents.