The big news of the day is that, thankfully, the province of Quebec won’t be pressing criminal charges again Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara for his hit on Max Pacioretty last season.

The bizarre twist that they even might do such an absurd thing only came about after the League chose not to suspend Chara for his reckless play (“reckless” depends on your point of view, I suppose.). That fact sparked an uproar in Montreal that led to the investigation.

From the AP

The provincial prosecutors’ office said in a statement Thursday that it does not believe a court would find Chara guilty of a crime and it has closed the case.

It’s incredible to me that this dragged on as long as it did – the investigation only ended August 10th. How many people did they need to interview, how many angles on video did they need to look at before we arrived here?

And further, wouldn’t Colin Campbell and Whoever Else that weighed in on the final decision be the most likely humans to determine intent on a play like that? They watch those plays for a living, and they deemed it was just an unfortunate event that can potentially happen in a fast game.

The good news is, the police reach the reached the right answer in the end. There will be no “bake ‘im away, toys” moment for Montreal.

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  1. Good news: he won’t be charged
    Bad news: still no suspension for that ridiculous and very clearly intentional hit
    Worst news: he does that, and his only punishment is winning the Stanley Cup? Hurray for justice!

    • “very clearly intentional” is a matter of opinion which is not universally shared…

      • Indeed it is not universally shared, but that does not change that it was clearly intentional.

        For example, the most common refrains I’ve heard from those defending him are that he did not realise where he was on the ice and that he’s not ‘that kind of player’.

        But if you watch videos of Chara’s play, you can easily see he IS that kind of player. He’s not just being physical, he is often dirty. He gets angry easily, and takes it out on opponents. For example, he hit Grabovski from behind twice in one game, first driving his head into the boards (the second was, I admit, marginal as Grabovski had turned slightly). He also hit Claude Giroux from behind, launching Giroux headfirst at the end boards. He has also hit Tyler Ennis from behind, but in this case it was by the benches so Ennis just ended up in there. Of course, that was with about 0.2 seconds left in a 2-0 game, and Ennis is more than a foot shorter than Chara…it was definitely unnecessary. As was a hit on Callahan, with Callahan bent low and offbalance and Chara pushing him from behind (couldn’t hit in that case because of how low Callahan was).

        So I think I’ve disproved the idea of him not being ‘that kind of player’. He most definitely is.

        As for not knowing where he was on the ice, it’s nonsense. I played house league hockey for about 14 years, before “retiring” (I’m 25). I was never the best player…in house league. But I can tell you that I know, at all times, where I am on the ice. If you play hockey regularly for even 4 years, you will know where you are on the ice. Chara knew where he was, knew what he was doing.
        Did he intend to nearly kill Pacioretty? No. But he intended to hurt, and it’s very clear from the video and from his character. One thing the league said was that he wasn’t a repeat offender, he’d never been suspended before. This remains true today – he’s never been suspended. Of course, he’s hit several players from behind, nearly killed a guy, often targets the head but still! Suspension free!

    • whaa whaaaa whaaaa
      you big whiner

  2. Its all about politicians (including the ones in the police) getting their name in the papers. Absolutely disgusting and a poor commentary on the city of Montreal that it ever even came up.

    Call for his head, a long suspension, or bring up some goons to exact retribution, but let the game police itself!

  3. pfffff now he will do it again.

  4. its not what you know its who u know so who is chara’s buddy now

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