Is there anything worse than watching your team lose a game 7 in the Stanley Cup playoffs? You sweat with your team throughout the regular season, battle through six hard games, and just like that the season is over. When my Red Wings lose a game 7, I don’t want to talk to anyone.  I need time to let the loss out of my system. Next season feels like it is 10 years away and I can’t wait to play that specific team again (You may be thinking that there there is a flip side to this and there is nothing better than winning a game 7. That may be true, but in my experience the high of a game 7 win, is nothing compared to the low of a loss.)

Last season hockey fans were extremely lucky. Of the 15 series played in the postseason, 7 of them went the distance. Going into this season,  there were 6 teams (and their fans) that are looking forward to that first opportunity of the season to get some revenge (obviously the Bruins were happy with a certain game 7 result).

Tonight we have one of those revenge games on the schedule:  Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay. (We also have Detroit/SJ. They have met this season but this is Detroit’s first game back in San Jose since that game 7 loss)

The Pens also have reason to get some revenge. They had a 3-1 series lead before their Crosby-less offense fell asleep. They scored just four goals in the final three games and the Lightning were moving on.

Surely the Pens will come out flying tonight right? They must have circled this game on the calendar and have been counting the days before they could get some revenge.

To try and figure that out, let’s look at how other teams have fared  in their “revenge games” this season.

Of those 7 series that went the distance, we have seen 5 revenge games so far:




Boston/Tampa Bay

Detroit/San Jose

The Montreal Canadiens were the only team that got revenge and won their game against the Bruins. In fact the Lightning, Blackhawks, Red Wings and Sabres lost their games by a combined score of 17-7.

Is this year just a fluke?

Since the lockout, revenge teams have a losing record of 10-12.

There is that old saying that revenge is a dish best served cold (or as Tony Soprano put it “Revenge is like serving cold cuts”) , in this case I think the dish might have gone bad.


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