This makes five straight posts featuring the return of ol’ 87, and we don’t even feel bad about it over here – his return is some big news for the NHL.

The topic dominated most of the podcast, but we got to a couple others as well.

On Crosby:

*His points-potential for the season

*How his return affects the Penguins going forward

*How the concussion lay-off may affect his game

*What’s happened since he last played

*And more!

On everything else:

*Bryzgalov sits in Winnipeg. Parks, no rec!

*Recchi’s comments, and the most hated teams

*And more!

You can listen here:

Or download it here. Feel free to subscribe on iTunes here.

Comments (3)

  1. “I wanted to slap Cam Charron…”


  2. “Things that have happened since Sidney Crosby’s last game” = awesome

  3. His first goal, Backhand Shelf too

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