Call it suspect D by Andrew MacDonald, call it bad goaltending by the Islanders fourth goalie (Nilsson), but anyway you slice it, Sidney Crosby got on the board, and got on the board early in his first game back (5:24 game time, 2:20 actual ice time).

After almost picking up an assist on his first shift (Chris Kunitz rattled a backhand off the post), he decided to do it himself.

And guess what: dude did it Backhand. Shelf. Huzzah! Glad we paid him the big bucks to do that.

As you’d expect, more on this tomorrow.

Oh, and check out Puck Daddy - @Jeffler has a killer stat for you.

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  1. Few people ever call Crosby “fast”. But then I watch stuff like this and realise he’s doing this at 200 lbs on a 7/16 hollow and I wonder if he might be one of the sneakiest faster skaters in the NHL.

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