Welcome to another edition of “Well, I Was Wrong” where I look at the how the weekend’s events changed the hockey landscape, and in turn, proved some pre-concieved notions of mine wrong.

Nothing like highlighting the idiocy of your website’s editor for credibility.

Well, I was wrong. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins may not see a sharp decline in production

The way I saw things after nine games was that RNH’s production (9 points in 9 games) was skewed by one huge outing. He had a number of games where he didn’t touch the scoresheet, and being that big multi-point games like that are tough to come by and relatively rare, his numbers would start back-tracking shortly.

Well, the little SOB did it again, tallying FIVE assists against the Chicago Blackhawks, pushing his totals to 19 points in 19 games. I did not see that coming.

Well, I was wrong. The Minnesota Wild haven’t fallen off the map in the Western Conference

Twitter-homie Dave Lozo does the power rankings for NHL.com, and he has the Wild at 2nd in the NHL as of today. It’s tough to tell him he’s wrong on this one, as much as I’d enjoy doing that.

They sit atop the Western Conference standings with a 12-5-3 record, they’ve won four straight games, and are 8-2-0 in their last 10 games.

And, they’re doing it without anything overwhelmingly exceptional from their new additions, Heatley and Setoguchi.

While I’m still not fully convinced they’re for real, I definitely didn’t see them ever owning top spot in the West.

Well, I was wrong. The Washington Capitals aren’t some unstoppable force

It’s strange to think that at the start of the season the question on a gambling site (Bodog) was “when will the Capitals finally lose a game,” and I took their 11th. They looked like world-beaters.

They had made a major upgrade in net. Their stars were in their primes. They’d added a nice level of grit to the roster. They had talent on their backend.

Now they’ve lost seven of their last 11 games, sit 9th in the East and have their work cut out for them.

I certainly think they’ll figure it out and be a home-ice team in playoffs, but man. I thought they were something special.

And finally…

Well, I was wrong. I didn’t think the League’s top 5 goalies would be this crew

Like most people, I just assumed we’d check the list of leaders and see your usual guys. Your Lundqvists, your Rinnes, your Millers, and so on. In terms of save percentage, your top 5 guys are….

1. Brian Elliot (.947%)
2. Josh Harding (.945%)
3. Nikolai Khabibulin (.938%)
4. Mike Smith (.935%)
5. Niklas Backstrom (.935%)

Er…. what now? I don’t think anybody thought we’d be here at this point of the season. Time to expect some regression from these guys (as the gambling wheels start turning in my brain)?

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go be wrong some more, but this time with my money.