Best buddies! Pic from Northern Pride.

You can probably safely guess where this video ends up…

Jeremy Yablonski (149 listed fights) and Jon “Nasty” Mirasty (216 listed fights) are career tough guys who’ve found their way onto everybody’s favourite Russian goon squad, Chekhov Vityaz. Apparently they’re widely loved there – but in Magnitogorsk? Apparently not so much.

Yablonski has already been featured a number of times on Puck Daddy this year for his (violent) behaviour, and this video is not much different.

It doesn’t heat up until about the three minute mark, but yikes, does it heat up. There’s a little NSFW language in there, as a heads up. (Video shared by Slava Malamud – I recommend you follow him on Twitter.)


There was even a Kip Brennan cameo in there. Scary crew.

Who has the stones to get on the bad side of those dudes? Jeremy Yablonski looks terrifying, and is. I’m not so sure I’d try to tangle with a guy who’s fought in the octogon, dropped elbows on a guy in a fight, just generally enjoys his role as an enforcer.

Keep in mind the video below is what Mirasty and Yablonski do to friends. You don’t want to be an enemy.

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  1. These are exactly the guys that have no place in the game. What a joke.

  2. “Why you hef to be mad?”

  3. Scary stuff!

  4. Why is there no one capable of taking a good fight video?

    I am glad that tool in the pink shirt god dropped. Kind of a lifelong dream of mine.

  5. Even more bizarre, since the drunk dudes clearly know who they are messing with. I can’t even imagine how much vodka it would take to make me think mouthing off to Yabo was a good idea.

  6. Someone (Buffalo? Montreal?) should sign these two to a one game contract the next time they’re playing Boston.

  7. I believe this was filmed by a 10 year old. One that hasn’t started drinking yet because he knew to stay away.

  8. Sounds about right on the video review. Chris Keating – you’re bang on. They’re fully aware who they’re tussling with. I guess the 0.0001 percent chance the story ends in “I beat up Yabo” was worth a right hook to neck/jaw region.

  9. Why does the dude in the purple get hammered near the end? Does he accidently bump in to one and the other just smacks him? Tough luck.

    • Just before he’s walking back and get’s knocked out you can see him trying to hit Yabo with a wild kick.

  10. The only thing that tops “drunk” is “stupid “.

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