Have you ever been watching a hockey game, and something happens that just seems unbelievable. I’m not talking about a great goal, a spectacular save, or a huge hit. I’m talking about a story line that plays out that just seems unrealistic, but it’s happening right there in front of you. You have now entered what I like to call the Mighty Duck Level of Realism (MDLR). The basic definition of MDLR is:

Events that occur in real life that given many circumstances are so unrealistic that they belong in a Mighty Ducks Movie

Remember the first time Fulton Reed shot the puck through the net?

What about the knuckle puck?

What about when the dude brings a lasso on the ice?

They are events that happen that make you say “Oh common, this can’t be happening in REAL life”.

Last night’s return by Sidney Crosby was one of those times. To recap:  Crosby returned for the first time in 320 days off because of a concussion. Scores a beauty 5:24 into the first period, finishes with 2 goals and 2 assists, and pretty much dominated from start to finish. Who does  he think he is, Adam Banks?

Here are some other instances of MDLR, ranked on a scale of 1-5 Quacks

Mario Lemieux returns…twice

I talked about Lemieux’s 1992-93 season in yesterdays post, but it’s March 2nd 1993 that is the defining MDLR moment of that season. Mario receives his last Radiation treatment, hops on a plane in time to play Philly, and scores a goal and an assist. Oh and let’s not forget, he got a standing ovation from the PHILADELPHIA crowd! (5 out of 5 Quacks)

Mario made a sequel in December of 2000 (Titled: L2) . After three years away from the game the Pens lowered his #66 from the rafters.  He  picks up an assist 33 seconds into their game against the Leafs and finishes with a goal and 3 points. (4 out of 5 Quacks)

Wayne Gretzky breaks Howe’s record

So let me get this straight: Gretzky plays 9 seasons in Edmonton, cements himself as one of the greatest players of all time, get dealt to LA in one of the most controversial and talked about trades in sports history, then when it’s time to break the most important record in the game he does so IN Edmonton? That has movie script written all over it. (3.5 out of 5 Quacks). The half quack comes because after breaking the record with the tying goal, Gretzky ended up scoring the OT winner as well.

“Guy Guy Guy

After a controversial retirement, Guy Lafleur continued to play in rec leagues. He felt he could still play at a high level and returned to the NHL for the 88-89 season. The MDLR moment came when he first returned to the Montreal Forum. Montreal fans don’t usually (actually pretty much NEVER)  cheer for opponents, but they did on this night. Lafleur did not disappoint them (3 out of 5 Emilio Heads)

1980 Miracle on Ice

They should REALLY make a movie about this one…oh wait

Play by Play announcers say a player has a “Flare for the Dramatic” or that he “Rises to the Occasion”, I call it the Mighty Duck Level of Realism. If you have one, comment or tweet me @robpizzo


Let’s head to the links

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Oh and Photoshop…yeah you gotta love photoshop

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And finally, I know all the talk has been about Sid, but we have to give Skinner some credit for this one