You’ll be shocked to know this, but I never went to journalism school. If you’d like me to prove it, here’s the actual lede I wrote yesterday upon learning of Sidney Crosby’s return to the NHL:

Ahhhhhhhhhhalksdhfka;ljdmak;d CROSBY’S COMING BACK /pulls out hair, sets self on fire.


Let me straighten my tie and regroup here.

What a liar. I don’t blog in a tie.

The point is, I’ve picked up writing tips from whom I can, and one of the more fundamental tips someone told me was extremely helpful: show, don’t tell.

Last night Crosby dazzled in his return to the NHL (two goals and two assists), Antoine Vermette and Jeff Skinner scored badass goals, and Dan Bylsma did everything he could to avoid saying “yes, I think Sidney Crosby could catch Phil Kessel in points.”

While I don’t think ”show video” was what they meant by the ”show” in “show don’t tell,” I’m taking it literally this morning. Here are the best plays from last night.

(Aren’t you glad we haven’t gone all-Crosby, all the time on you today?)

Antoine Vermette goes between his own legs and scores - it’s not the difficulty of the play so much as it is the presence of mind that impresses me here.


Skinner’s spin-o-rama – this goal would’ve had a legit shot at making our top-10 all-time spin-o-rama’s list had he just pulled it off a few weeks earlier…


Bylsma (very briefly) talks Crosby and the scoring race. Tough question to answer for a coach.


Anton Volchenkov takes Shawn Matthias’ shoulder to the dome – suspendable? Maybe a fine?


And of course, the must-see Sid stuff – his return was too important to ignore.

The first goal…

And the second.

Awesome stuff.

Join me back here in a few hours for this week’s edition of Systems Analyst!