On Monday night the hockey world seemed to be pretty happy. The best player in the game not only returned to action, but he did it with a whole lot of  flare scoring 2 goals and 2 assists. It seemed as though everyone who was talking about Sid the next day was doing it with a smile. Obviously not everyone can be happy about this. Defending the Penguins was tough enough, let alone with a healthy Crosby on the roster. I can’t help but think that there are a lot of teams/players that are either  happy or unhappy for a different reason: Sid is now taking up the ENTIRE spotlight.

That four point night has made the rest of the NHL the middle child of the family (For the record, I am the oldest, my brother Jay is probably reading this saying “damn right”) . Some teams love that Sid is taking the attention, others may get jealous and start throwing their toys around to get mom and dad’s attention. Let’s take a look at a few

Teams/Players that will not get the attention they deserve

1) The Boston Bruins

They got all the attention they could handle when they opened the season 3-7. They have righted the ship and have strung together 9 straight wins. They are not only winning but dominating, outscoring opponents 43-14 during their streak. Oh, and when you were watching the Pens game on Monday, did you happen to notice Tim Thomas picked up his second straight shutout? Me neither.

2) Phil Kessel

How would you like to be off to the best start of your career, leading the best league in the world in scoring, and all you hear about is how long it will take the guy who has 26 points less than you to take over that lead. Yeah that has to suck.

3) Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

The number 1 overall pick had to answer a ton of questions early on about the possibility of being sent back down. Now the kid has 8 points in his last 3 games (including a 5 assist night) , is leading all rookies in scoring, and is making his case for a Calder trophy. Aside from being called “the Nug”, that is all he will get for now.

Teams/players that are happy that Sid will take the attention

1) The Washington Capitals

There is no middle ground with this team. They are either dominating, or they are in “end of the world” mode. They have lost 6 of 8, Ovechkin would have a tough time scoring in house league hockey, and Bruce Boudreau made another controversial decision in making Alexander Semin (and his 6.7 million dollar contract) a healthy scratch on Monday.  If they keep losing, they will be happy to see Sid score 4 points a game all season.

2) The Anaheim Ducks

They have 1 win in their last 11 games. Through 20 games the trio of Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan have a combined 35 points. Last year at this point they had 57. Only the islanders are scoring less per game than the Ducks. I’m sure the reigning MVP is happy to let a former MVP get the attention.

3) Eric Staal

Staal is a minus 15, that’s tied for last in the NHL. Nuff said.

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