Over the weekend a bit of war of words materialized between the Sens and Penguins. Here is what happened:

* Nick Foligno “fell” into the the Pens crease onto Marc-Andre Fleury

* Sidney Crosby didn’t like it and responded by crosschecking Foligno 3 times

* Foligno pushed back

*Crosby responded with an elbow to the face

That’s when the war of words began…

“It is something that (Crosby) preached all summer about that we should limit that and then he goes and does it, so I was just a little disappointed” -Nick Foligno

“I don’t what he’s talking about. I was preaching about the hits like tonight (Pacioretty hit on Letang) , not a scrum….I don’t know what he expects after he runs a goalie three times…if he is going to run a goalie, he got to expect guys are going to get their hands in his face….he is blowing it out of proportion”- Sidney Crosby

Kids, behave or you will not get dessert. Let’s look at the comments to see who is “right”.


To his credit he did try to downplay the incident, but he did throw the word “disappointing”  in there which always gets attention. Crosby did preach quite a bit while he was away about headshots, but he did not talk about this type of head shot.  I do see Foligno’s point a bit here though. Foligno is saying that we have heard anyone who follows hockey talk about protecting players heads and he received an elbow to the face from the poster child.


Yes Sid, you were not talking about scrums per se, but is it fair to say that your actions could have caused Foligno to suffer a concussion? Of course it is. Did you simply put your “hands in his face”? No, you threw a wild elbow to it. Just becasue an elbow to the head is done while standing still, doesn’t make it that different than one that is done at a high speed.

So they are both right, and they are both wrong. I do tend to side a bit with Foligno on this one. Regardless of what he did, it still an elbow to the face.

Oh but we are not done…

“The rules are very clear now, if you fall into a goaltender and touch a goaltender, an elbow to the head and a butt end to the head is fair game. Dan Bylsma said that’s OK for them. Sidney said Nick Foligno is that kind of player. So, Shanahan said that’s a good play. That’s a hockey play. Dan Bylsma said it’s good for them and Pittsburgh were the biggest ones on the head injuries. I’m remiss. I made a mistake. We didn’t have (Chris) Neil and (Matt) Carkner play in the game. We didn’t have enough toughness, so when we play Pittsburgh that’s something you can bring up to me again” -Senators GM Bryan Murray

By the way, their next match up is December 16th IN Ottawa!


BREAKING NEWS- Bruce Boudreau has been fired by the Washington Capitals, Dale Hunter has been hired as his replacement. Justin Bourne will have a post up this morning.


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  1. Funny thing about Bryan Murray’s comments is that it was at the end of a media scrum about Filatov. At the end he said to the reporters ‘aren’t you going to ask me about Crosby’s comments on Foligno?’ so he’d definitely been thinking over what he was going to say about it.

  2. If you come across a link for the HBO trailer that isn’t blocked outside north america please link it!

  3. Foligno did topple over Fleury. Crosby gave him two cross checks. That was fair enough “retribution”. The extra shot wasn’t needed and Foligno was right in standing up for himself. The butt end to the chops again, was escalating the situation.

    If Foligno was the one who gave Crosby the butt-end to the face, we know he would have gotten the book thrown at him.

  4. Just becasue an elbow to the head is done while standing still, doesn’t make it that different than one that is done at a high speed

    I disagree with this. Car accidents at higher speeds are more dangerous no?

  5. Bah. All of the crosschecks by Crosby gave were fine by me. Foligno played the goalie hard, he probably went over the line (accidental, on purpose? who knows, it doesn’t matter) so Crosby (or someone) had to respond. But why a backhand elbow to the head? Why THAT specific cheapshot move?

    But basically, this is typical Crosby. I love the guy, I love his skills, but he IS dirty sometimes. Ever seen one of his “fights”? It consists of him jumping someone and pounding them before they even know what’s going on. You never see a “ok, let’s go” moment and so it is never a fair fight. That is not following the code.

    So here, he had a chance to let Foligno know how he feels, he crosschecks him… ok good, he does it a few more times. Also good, your point is being made. But then, he turns his back and unwittingly elbows him in the face? No… that’s not cool.

    And that’s not even considering the obvious issue of headshots, and Crosby’s last year. He can say that this “wasn’t a headshot” but it was… no way around it.

    And no… this doesn’t happen at every scrum in front of the net. Pushing, shoving, crosschecking… yeah. But backhanded elbows to the head? No….

    DISCLAIMER: I love Crosby big time, but I am a Sens fan, and first and foremost, a hockey fan.

  6. Regardless of the right/wrong, I absolutely love Murray’s tirade (Don’t like Sid’s elbow and ‘stance’, but I don’t like Foligno whining about it either). Watching Pea Soup go off is always hilarious :)

  7. Foligno is bitching about the elbow, but he had JUST thrown a shot at Crosby’s head prior to that last shot from Sidney. Foligno is an idiot who either doesn’t understand the distinction between a high speed head-on collision and a scrap in front of the net, or he’s being deliberately obtuse. Either way, he and Murray both dropped several notches in my book after this farce.

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