Hey look, the Rangers released their Winter Classic jerseys!

A week ago we were introduced to the sweater that the Flyers are gonna be rocking on January 2nd for the Winter Classic, and they’re awesome. Simple, nothing too “out there,” and every bit a ”Flyers”-looking uni.

And so, a look at how the Rangers jersey stacks up:

I quite like it – simple, creamy (always a crucial jersey element, of course), classic. Should be an aesthetically-pleasing affair with these two old-school beauties flapping through the fresh air.

Comments (2)

  1. Ohhhhhh, that is actually a ranger’s jersey I’d want to have around.

  2. Ugly. Almost as ugly as an Oilers jersey, which is what I first thought it was. I really hope for Ranger fans’ sake that the colors are merely washed out in the pics I’ce seen and they are really red and blue.

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