After more than a quarter of this season’s NHL games have been decided, the votes for the All-Star Game have started to pile up.

Let’s take a quick look at those, and see what we can dig up.

First, the forwards:

Kessel, good call.

Before we feign any measure of indignance over of the other selections, let’s all keep in mind that anything fan-voted is usually going to end in some sort of chaos. So there’s our grain of salt.


DANIEL ALFREDSSON has the second highest vote total?

I mean, he’s been a terrific player over his career, and I get that the game is being held in Ottawa, but fans, you’re basically Rory Fitzpatricking your captain. He’s tied for 223rd in the league in scoring with 9 total points. (Though I guess that is tied with Sidney Crosby….)

If you’re gonna root for hometown guys, can’t you at least get Spezza ahead of him, who’s doubled the dude’s points (plus four)? Hell, Milan Michalek has more goals than he has points.

My guess: Alfie would prefer to A) rest, and B), not chase around the best players in the game for a weekend.


Defense voting…


Not a horrible list, actually. I can’t be mad about Karlsson being at the top, considering the game is in Ottawa and he’s first in the NHL in total points by a defenseman (21). I’m even gonna let the Sergei Gonchar thing slide (though I probably shouldn’t), considering his 16 points.

If I could make one push here though, fans: Brian Campbell and Jason Garrison are tearing it up in Florida. They’d be fun to watch in a free-wheeling game.


And last, ze goalies:

Now this…this kills me. Funny stuff.

Ottawa fans can straight-faced vote Daniel Alfredsson into the All-Star Game. They can push Sergei Gonchar to 6th. But they can’t look us in the eye and claim they have goalie that even they can talk themselves into. That’s the ultimate Craig Anderson slap in the face right there.

Miller, Luongo and Reimer (and his six games played) probably shouldn’t be on there (yet), and Quick could use more love, but otherwise it’s not too far off.

But in the end, good for you Ottawa – you supported your boys, no matter how far-fetched it got…all the way until the crease. Pretty tough to support two guys with GAA’s well above 3.00, and save percentage’s below .900.