In my parents basement, buried deep in their crawl space is a big metal cabinet. This cabinet contains a treasure, my family jewels if you will. If anyone were to break into my parents house and steal this cabinet, I would be devastated. No insurance cheque would ease the pain if someone where to take the treasures inside. What’s in this cabinet you ask? Bonds? diamonds? cash? Nope, this cabinet contains my hockey cards.

I haven’t opened this cabinet for YEARS, but I still know its contents. I was in and out of it as a kid at least 20 times a day. The reason I brought this up is becasue yesterday when Dale Hunter and Kirk Muller were given head coaching jobs in the NHL, my mind was was brought back to that cabinet. I started thinking about how many Hunter and Muller cards are in there. Come to think of it, they were not the only present NHL coaches who probably were in that cabinet. As I started counting, I had to use more than one hand (depression slowly came over me).  I’m only 31 years old, how are so many guys that I grew up watching (and trading) already coaches in the NHL? It’s a mix of new trends in hiring coaches with me denying the fact that I’m getting old.

Regardless, lets take a trip into that cabinet…here are the present NHL coaches who I have cards of










Lets start with the new coaches. I know most people think of the Hunter in a Caps jersey, but how could I  resist this one. Nordiques jersey AND the national anthem pose. The Muller card is his rookie card.

Kevin Dineen is doing a great job right now in Florida, but he looks pretty tired in this Whalers card.

Appearance number 2 of the Whale comes from Phoenix head coach Dave Tippett. Love the Stache!

Speaking of stache, where the hell is Lindy Ruff’s??? He just looks weird without one.

I may need to take this card off this post soon, Calgary has been terrible.

Someone out there has a Joe Sacco Fleer Ultra autographed hockey card. WOW

I am the eggman, I am the eggman, I am the Walrus!

The Ducks are struggling right now. You know what isn’t struggling, Carlyle’s hair in this shot.


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And finally, keep that head up Blake!