The above picture was taken during the game in which I scored my first professional goal. I was unsure if I was going to like pro hockey or not.

As you know, that’s no-other-way-to-describe-him-other-than “goon” Jeremy Yablonski, who we featured last week for throwing an off-ice punch that looks awfully similar to the one you’re about to see in the video below.

At the 1:05 mark, you’ll see the straw that finally broke the hockey players privilege of being allowed to play again this season.

Yup, suspended for the year this time.

At this point, if you were to write out Yablonski’s rap sheet, you’d have to unfurl it like toilet paper to show anyone. It’s bananas.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve played this clown, and it’s honestly scary. Not because he might hit you and it might hurt – that’s just hockey - but because it’s like walking down a long, dark alley at night knowing there’s a mugger hiding somewhere, and you have no idea what said mugger might do out of sheer desperation. Or when he might do it, for that matter. That’s not hockey.

So good for the KHL on the suspension.

It also sounds like it may have spurred on a new rule, as tweeted by Dmitri Chesnokov of TSN and Puck Daddy:

He then clarifies that he doesn’t mean a window of 80-120 games, but that the KHL is in the process of deciding what the threshold number of games will be that has to be reached to qualify.

Craziness. The Yablonski Rule! Couldn’t they just straight up ban him, and/or whoever it is that they don’t want?

He also says it sounds like the rule will only pertain to North Americans.

And as much as I want to stick up for my buddy Kip Brennan (who by the way is juuust on the outside, having played in 61 NHL games)….the sort of thing you can watch below is off-the-deep-end ridiculous.

(Hat-tip to Deadspin for the video)

As ludicrous as that KHL rule sounds (we’ll withhold judgement until we find out the exact details), it seems like they were being put in a position to do something.

We’ll follow up on this after hearing more from Dmitri later today.