Pizzo and I were both in great moods today, and didn’t plan on the show being all negative-like today, it just sorta…did. We run off the list of players who are underachieving so far this year, and talk about the Anaheim Ducks, AKA the suckiest sucks who’ve ever sucked.

So, in sum, we discussed:

* Slumping stars (Crosby/Iginla tied in points)

* Dave Tippet and other excellent coaches (hey, something positive!)

* The Anaheim Sucks (sorry), including a great interview with Jen Neal of Anaheim Calling

* There’s a solid hockey-players-in-commercials tangent

* A few thoughts on Paulina Gretzky

* And much.

* Much

* More

Listen to it here:

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Comments (4)

  1. Hey, can you watch the language? My damned wiener kids are listening. Go Canes.

  2. Can you not watch the language? I enjoy listening to two (or three) adults talking hockey like adults. Possum, teach your kid that words are just words.

    Looks like last winner of the Jack Adams to coach a team to the President’s Trophy was Joel Quennville in’ 99-’00:

  3. In defense of Ilya Kovalchuk: 17 games, 13 points. Obviously, you want to be at a point per game, but you’re only a few good games away from that. In the middle of the 17 games, you’ve got a groin issue, and those are notoriously hard healing, so maybe he hasn’t had that extra step.

    Zach Parise, who Bourne shouted out toward the end, is at 22 games, 12 points. With the C on his chest and in his unrestricted free agent contract year. As a Devil’s fan, that’s a little more concerning, in the short term, anyway.

    Long term, on a night to night basis, I don’t worry about Kovy’s contract. I think the guy is having a hard time hitting his stride, but when he does, he’s dangerous, and I think he’ll start clicking soon.

  4. side note: Ilya scored last night.

    Also, Devils have given up 6 shorthanded goals while only allowing 5 powerplay goals. Talk about ineffectual power plays, huh?

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