Thanks to the wonderful people in theScore’s video department (I know, we’ve discussed this before), we have the option to run a lot of great compilations every week. The thing is, they can’t make hockey highlights be awesome.

The good news? Sometimes they just are. Take these ones, for example.

Before you watch these five goals, here are my quick two cents on each one, because watching these goals made me feel inadequate about my own goal scoring prowess.

MY rundown: starting with #5….

What’s impressive: Cal Clutterbuck isn’t exactly known for offensive skillset (more for his physical play), but he has some talent. Anytime a guy takes a hard pass on his backhand and makes a quick move, you have to appreciate the degree of difficulty on the goal.

#4 – What’s impressive: This goal reminded me of the Pavel Bure skate-to-stick goal from a couple decades ago. This one was so impressive because skate-to-stick isn’t the plan, so it takes the presence of mind just to think to do that, let alone to execute it. (Kinda lucky on the finish though, Rask was over and just didn’t get his pad down.)

#3 – What’s impressive: Lee Stempniak looks like Guy freaking Lafleur here – great agility on the direction change, and zero hesitation on the shot selection. As a kid, I didn’t think anyone tried to go five-hole, I always thought it was just lucky. Not so much. Stempniak knew exactly where he was going on that one.

#2 – What’s impressive: It had to have been a nearly-coming-to-blows debate whether this should be number one or not. Perry uses body position to step out about a foot from the goal line, sees that he has pass (and low) taken entirely away, and puts his shot in a spot the size of a puck. Boom goes the water bottle.

#1 – What’s impressive: And, you have to love it: Backhand Shelf on number one. Such a slick, athletic goal - kisses it off the inside of the post.


What are your thoughts? Did we get the order right?