Let me recap my week for you…

Monday: Bruce Boudreau was fired by the Washington Capitals. On The Backhand Shelf Podcast, Justin Bourne says he will have a new head coaching job in the NHL “before Christmas”, I told Justin he was nuts.

Tuesday: I do my weekly radio hit with TalkSport in the UK (yup, there are some Brits who do like hockey) . I once again say that Bruce Boudreau is a great coach and will probably have a job soon, but not in 2011.

Wednesday: On the second podcast of the week, I say that despite the fact that Anaheim continues their downward spiral,  head coach Randy Carlyle isn’t going to be fired. Jen Neale from Anaheim Calling is our guest and says the same thing. My argument now feels stronger.

Wednesday: Was chatting with fellow Score employees Paul Brothers and Derek Snider:

Brothers: How long before Carlyle is fired?

Me: He won’t be fired for a while…in fact, I will make a bet right now that he will be around for a lot longer than people think. Maybe even the rest of the season. Any takers?

Snider/Brothers: (staring at my extended hand) Really?*

Thursday: Turn on my computer, and curse.

I couldn’t help but think of Eddie Murphy as I read the news that the Ducks had fired Randy Carlyle and hired Bruce Boudreau as their new head coach

I want to get something straight. It’s not that I thought it was a bad move, I personally think hockey wise it makes complete sense. I thought they wouldn’t do it becasue just 115 days ago, the Ducks had inked Carlyle to a three year contract extension. I don’t know any organization who wants to pay TWO people for a job that only one is doing.

While I am using this post to fully admit that I was wrong, I will be stubborn and say that I was at least partly right. I truly believe that Ducks made the move becasue a coach that many thought would not be available suddenly found himself in the unemployment line. The Ducks are saying they needed a new voice, but I highly doubt they would have done the same thing if Paul Maurice was the only coach fired on Monday.

Here are a few other interesting facts:

-From press release to press release, Bruce Boudreau was unemployed for a grand total of 65 hours and 25 minutes

-Remember when Boudreau benched Alexander Ovechkin with the Caps down one with a minute left? They were playing the Ducks.

- *Thank God Derek and Paul refused to shake my hand!


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In case you missed it yesterday, Alexander Ovechkin tweeted a pic of his girlfriend. “Me and my girlfriend Maria….she is my queen!!!!” For the second time in this post, I am reminded of Eddie Murphy

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and Jonus Hiller saved everything here except Randy Carlyle’s job