I hope they do the whiteout tonight and everybody gets confused.

The boys are finally coming home.

Well, wait. The boys already are home. …Which team are ”the boys” again?

The Phoenix Coyotes play in Winnipeg for the first time tonight, returning the organization to it’s rightful place, but only for long enough to play a hockey game and then peace out again.

At least this time when they leave, there’s still going to be hockey in town.

The reaction of fans in Winnipeg is must-see TV for me tonight. Do they boo their old franchise’s return? Cheer like crazy? Sit on their hands, befuddled by their own emotions? Frankly, I’m not sure if they’re supposed to care or not. They have a new girlfriend now.

Shane Doan returns to the city that drafted him in 1995, and is the only Coyotes player to have actually played for the team when they were the Jets (74 games).

“The fans in Winnipeg will be excited and emotional, that’s always a fun environment to play in  when you have fans like that,” he said.

Odd to think that the Coyotes tout Dale Hawerchuk as their all-time leading scorer (929 points), while the Jets all-time leading scorer is Ilya Kovalchuk (615 points)? That just ain’t right.

Also interesting: Kyle Turris, who was slated to make his return to the organization (as reported by TSN), has suddenly been sent down to their AHL affiliate in Portland. No word on why, and being that it was reported that his cardio was great, it all seems a little odd. We’ll be keeping an eye on that development as the day progresses.

Either way, it should be an interesting night in the ‘Peg. Here’s to hoping the Jets win. …I like the odds of that happening.