As you well know by now, the Anaheim Ducks are listening to offers on 24-year old three-time 30-goal-scorer Bobby Ryan (for some reason). The teams interested include: the rest of the NHL.

It’s unclear if the Randy Carlyle firing/Bruce Boudreau hiring will affect his availability, but man…they’d have to get some haul to justify moving a player of his calibre.

Below, our great team in the video department has compiled the 10 best moments of his short career.

Hitting, scoring, acting…this guy can do it all.

Comments (4)

  1. I think the stolen stick has to be #1 on comedic value alone!

    not a bad highlight real though…this kid’s gonna spruce up some team nicely.

  2. The Duscks don’t really want to trade him, do they?

  3. Man I hope not. Actually, scratch that – I’d like to see him improve some playoff-bound team, but I “hope” they’re not that foolish.

  4. I think trying to eliminate head shots and plays that lead to injuries also extends to the fans. Highlighting a hit (#9) that earned a charging penalty is bad karma.

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