In today’s episode of the Backhand Shelf Podcast, co-host Rob Pizzo loses the “co” part of the title for the day and hosts solo, as I didn’t think tossing my cookies on-air would be something people would like to listen to (let alone read. Sorry for that).

Today’s topics:

* Jordan Tootoo running Ryan Miller. Was it avoidable?

* Ron Wilson and his dishonest comments about which goalie was going to start (theScore’s own @JakeThompson11 joined Pizzo for this chat)

* Eller’s hit on Doughty

* Halak’s save in overtime

* More. Wayyy more.

Listen to it here:

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  1. .I LOVE THAT WILSON LIED TO THE MEDIA……its his choice to do and say what he wants….he can change his mind or midlead his opponents way of thinking…why is it that a coach can say a player is a game time or is day to day….but can’t say one thing n do another…what you beat reporters don’t understand is that the Leafs are bigger then the media…a fan could care less what u have to say or write…a fan is a fan..thick n through…ask what the average fan thinks…they’ll say good for Ron….i guess when u are thhhat bored u need something to write…at the end of the season..when u are writing about the leafs in the playoffs…this will be a tiny blip on the radar…and by the way i turned off the podcast 3 min into it…u two really make to much of something so inconsequential…i have never understood why a coach HASSSS to tell the media who’s stariting n who isn’t…….GO WILSON….KEEP LYING PLEASSSE haha

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