Stop me if you have heard this one before: Ryan Miller got absolutely trucked. Could there be anything more frustrating? After missing 8 games becasue of a concussion (that MAY have been caused by Milan Lucic) , he returns to get run over by Jordin Tootoo.

So which one was “worse”? Lets start with the Tootoo hit:

Before we even get to the hit, you gotta love Miller’s “enough is enough” reaction. It’s not often that a goalie takes matters into his own hands and it’s fun to see. Twitter exploded and the word “suspended” was in pretty much every tweet. Here is my question: Where was Tootoo supposed to go? He was driving to the net with the puck (something Glenn Anderson made a HOF career doing ) , and he had no room to avoid Miller. He was literally between a rock (the post) , and a hard place (Christian Ehrhoff). The “jump” is what makes this hit look so bad, but it wasn’t a jump at all. His feet leave the ice after he collides with Miller. If you were about to collide with someone, do you not brace yourself?
I’m not saying that Tootoo was without fault here: a goalie’s crease is a goalie’s crease and he entered it. But to suspend someone for driving to the net for a scoring opportunity is ridiculous. I know a lot of people will scream something like “It’s Jodin Tootoo, he has a history of dirty hits”, well, you are right. This is goalie interference for sure, but was he trying to hurt Miller and does he deserve a suspension? In my opinion no. Remember, this is a very fast game and momentum is a very big factor here. And please don’t throw the “he didn’t have the puck” argument at me, he lost it less than a second before the collision. Slow motion seconds are not the same as regular game play time.

Ok…how about Lucic

Now this one is different. Remember when looking at the Tootoo hit I asked “where was he supposed to go”, well Lucic had an absolute TON of room to escape. He went out of his way to hit Miller. For years I have endorsed the idea that if a goalie comes that far out of his crease he should be open game, but until my wish gets granted, you simply can’t do that. The only thing comparable with these two hits is the fact that they were both on Ryan Miller. Brenden Shanahan decided not to suspend Lucic for his hit, which in my opinion means Tootoo shouldn’t be banned for his.


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