Coming to you live from Toronto, ON, Canada is today’s Backhand Shelf podcast, one which I promise not to miss due to mexican food related illnesses.

I’m up here for a little visit – hit the Leafs game last night (more on that later in a future post), working at the offices today, and sticking around for the Christmas party tomorrow. And hey, we may even record the hungovery-est podcast of all time Friday morning.

Today’s topics include:

* Realignment – ****, kill or marry? Do you like it or no?

* Seguin gets scratched after sleeping in and missing a team meeting, which undoubtedly has nothing to do with wine, women and song the night before. ….Or at least not wine.

* Roberto Luongo gets hurt, Schneider comes in, they combine for a shutout. Why. Why must goalie controversies thrive in Vancouver?

* Mike Murphy makes his NHL debut mid-game, gives up zero goals, records the loss. Errrrwhat?

* Old news, but Jordin Twotwo got too games. …That reads weird, but I’m sure it’s right.

* And much. much. more.

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