Coming to you live from Toronto, ON, Canada is today’s Backhand Shelf podcast, one which I promise not to miss due to mexican food related illnesses.

I’m up here for a little visit – hit the Leafs game last night (more on that later in a future post), working at the offices today, and sticking around for the Christmas party tomorrow. And hey, we may even record the hungovery-est podcast of all time Friday morning.

Today’s topics include:

* Realignment – ****, kill or marry? Do you like it or no?

* Seguin gets scratched after sleeping in and missing a team meeting, which undoubtedly has nothing to do with wine, women and song the night before. ….Or at least not wine.

* Roberto Luongo gets hurt, Schneider comes in, they combine for a shutout. Why. Why must goalie controversies thrive in Vancouver?

* Mike Murphy makes his NHL debut mid-game, gives up zero goals, records the loss. Errrrwhat?

* Old news, but Jordin Twotwo got too games. …That reads weird, but I’m sure it’s right.

* And much. much. more.

Listen to it here.

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Comments (2)

  1. Realignment: I like the 4 ‘conferences’ but not calling them confrerences. I HATE the breakout of what teams are grouped together (see previous rant why Nashville and all the Southern teams need to be together, even if the hockey people in Nash dont realize this yet). And that floriduh teams in with Far Notheast is just bizarro.

    Tootoo 2 games. Yeah, expected. BS that he got suspended and Lucic didnt, but life isnt fair. No biggie.

    At what point do we start feeling sorry for Bobby Lou?

  2. Luongo looked really sharp before he went down with an injury last night. If both Luongo and Schneider are playing well, that’s a pretty good controversy for the Canucks to have.

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