Habs and Canes swap D-Men

“Tomas Kaberle better pick up his game or he won’t be in Carolina long.” -Canes GM Jim Rutherford November 30th, 2011

I guess we have to give Rutherford credit for sticking to his word as the Hurricanes sent him Montreal in a deal today for Jaroslav Spacek.

For a guy who was involved in trade rumours for decades in Toronto (Ok, not decades but it certainly felt like it) , he has moved around a lot lately. Within a span of just under 10 months, he has been traded twice, signed 3 year 12.7 million dollar deal, oh and won a Stanley Cup in there too. In his very short tenure in Carolina (29 games) , he has 0 goals and 9 assists.

With Andrei Markov injured (stop the presses, Markov injured?? You must be kidding), Kaberle will probably get a lot of power play time. The Habs could use the help too seeing as they have the 28th ranked PP in the league.

Coming the other way is Jaroslav Spacek.  He hasn’t played since November 12th becasue of an upper-body injury. He may be back soon though as he has been cleared for contact. When he did play, he had three assists in 12 games.


Comments (6)

  1. You’re an idiot Pizzo

  2. Why would Montreal take on that contract? It doesn’t make sense.

  3. It’s only 500,000 more then spacek and if it don’t work out they can bury him in the minors… But now he’s back on a Canadian team which he’s already excited about and he is familiar with a few of his new teamates such as Hal gill and tomas plekanets. Could re energize kaberle

  4. could be feeding the puck to Subban on the PP, or Weber, i like the pick up, pair him with Gorges and let him do his thing.

  5. If he manages to get it in his head that he has to shoot the puck on the powerplay, sure he’ll help. If he plays like he did in Toronto the last few years and refuses to shoot to the point that defenders just block his passing lanes and watch im fake three shots in a row, then try to make a stupid pass? Well, not such a good plan there.

  6. i have this to say… COME ON MAN…. another X Leaf.. i live in Leaf land. i will never hear the end of this one… we couldn’t of gor a big forward who can put the puck in the net… wait we have GOMEZ… COME ON MAN.

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