Nick Foligno was "Marchand-esque" with his two Canuck run-ins

For those of you who weren’t watching the Senators-Canucks tilt tonight, Nick Foligno had an interesting night of hockey.

It began in the first period with his hit on Cody Hodgson.

The hit certainly appears to be clean as Foligno went straight through his man, elbow tucked, no charge. Obviously Hodgson took the worse of the encounter, as he got up woozy and didn’t return. That being said, the result was worse than the hit itself and you can’t fault Foligno for that. He fought Dale Weise less than two shifts later which theoretically put him all square with Vancouver on that one.

The second hit certainly appeared to be worse when it happened, though you could argue there were some theatrics by Kesler at the time as the replay shows the impact wasn’t too severe. Foligno got a boarding penalty and a ten minute misconduct for arguing with said boarding penalty. Truth be told I’m not sure how this is “boarding” given that there wasn’t much force behind it, hitting from behind maybe, but not boarding. I’d have to think Foligno’s misconduct which he received on top of that was more a matter of keeping things under control rather than the punishment matching the crime.

Foligno’s third period was without incident once he finished serving the balance of his misconduct, and I’m sure he was just fine with that. His final line – no points, TOI – 8:07, PIM – 17.

UPDATE: Here’s Foligno/Kesler/Vigneault reaction to the hit(s) by Foligno:

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  1. It looks like Hodgson unwittingly dives into Foligno’s shoulder or something…

    Kesler’s hit is just plain theatrics. I can’t blame him for being frustrated by that. I thought that the misconduct was for bitching about it or something.

    He was a beast out there, ya know, when he was out there…

  2. I’m shocked at the comments out of Kesslers mouth. Lost a couple points there.

  3. Not sure why is a tough night for Nick Foligno, he didn’t get a penalty on the hit where he injured Hodgson and he did get a penalty for contacting Kesler’s head first, despite the fact that Kesler did not have the decency to be injured by the hit and is therefore suspected of embellishing.
    I think the more interesting story is why the Sens decided that physical play and taking penalties was the best way to defeat the Canucks, instead of playing the high tempo game they’re capable of, which would have been a lot more exciting. Seems like MacLean only watched the SCFs.

    • “did not have the decency to be injured by the hit and is therefore suspected of embellishing”

      haha well put

  4. Is there a more unlikeable team in the league than Vancouver? I had to catch myself on the Kesler hit as my first instinct was of the “Serves ya right” nature.

    I have to agree with boobs (that was fun to say). Poor Hodgson lost an edge at the worst time, and Kesler hammed that up after also slipping a bit just before the hit.

    I just can;t stand teams that take every little hit/contact as an offensive thing, especially when there are four or 5 guys on there who like nothing more than taking every cheap shot they can and embellish plays.

    It’s saying something when Lapierre is the 3d least likeable guy on your team (Burrows, Kesler)

  5. Hodgson hit was clean, unlucky that he tried to jump in the direction Foligno was coming from. I thought the Kesler hit was worth a penalty and possibly a GM, Kesler was in a vulnerable position and Foligno came in low and put his head into the boards (he could have let up, and he could have kept his arms down: he decided not to do either, which tells me he was trying to injure someone by hitting him in the head). I’m not sure why everyone is on Kesler for embellishing, I mean it’s certainly possible that he did, but please, enlighten me, how is it that you can tell from your couch that a guy who got his head run into the boards by a 200+ pound guy on skates is embellishing because he didn’t get up right away? I’ve seen people take more time on the ground than Kesler did after bumping their head on a table or stubbing their toe, so it’s interesting to know how exactly the Canucks haters have become so firmly convinced that Kesler was absolutely fine.
    And, uh, you watched that game and came out pissed at Kesler for diving? You know Chris Neil was playing in that game, right?
    Hating on Vancouver for this stuff is like hating on a particular movie theater downtown for having sticky floors… Yeah, they’re sticky, it sucks, but you’re conveniently forgetting that every other theater has the same problem, in order to justify a hatred that really, at the end of the day, has nothing to do with sticky floors.

  6. Just enough with the media-induced Canuck hatred, all right? The Canucks are no worse, and no better, than any other NHL team. Just quit buying into all the crap. CBC HNIC should be ashamed of themselves for dragging out “gate gate” again and for spending way too much time Canuck bashing. Mike Milbury doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near any commentator desk when the Bruins are not playing. He doesn’t even see the hockey world through anything remotely resembling normal glasses. Even Don Cherry had enough sense to call McLean out for his continued nonsensical diatribe about Burrows. The Canucks were the better team. The Senators played according to an ill-advised scouting report. THey played dirty and the Canucks made sure they paid for it. I didn’t write the following but it’s pretty appropriate:

    My favorite part of the night? Craig Anderson coming up with this gem:
    “We played real physical. We were taking the body and making good body checks and we were playing the game we wanted to play.”
    Go ahead, Ottawa, play that way whenever you want to. Play that way every time you play the Canucks, in fact. Then you can be happy that you played the way you wanted, and we can be happy we won.
    That just applies to any team that wants to play that way.

    • In all fairness to “the media”, it is really Canuck-induced Canuck hatred. Or at least, induced b y certain Canucks.

      • I dunno… Neil dives all over the ice, nobody says a word. He acts like he’s been run through with a spear when Ovechkin gives him a jab and we’re talking about Ovechkin being dirty. Ribeiro dives all over the place and nobody cares. I can’t get through a single game without seeing some guy go down soft on a questionable hooking call. Kesler gets smoked in the head, doesn’t bounce back up, people start complaining that he’s diving. That tells me something: people are going to accuse the Canucks of diving whether it makes sense or not, and they’re going to ignore it as ‘part of the game’
        when other teams and players dive. Maybe the Canucks as a team dive more than anyone in the league, I’m not going to pretend that’s not possible, but when people make comments like this about a guy who got blasted in the head and took a few seconds to get up, it makes it hard to take these complaints seriously.

  7. Kesler says he was falling….I’ve played enough hockey to recognize when someone is ducking a hit….Kesler’s a chicken#$%@ gutless, heartless hypocrite.Guys like him are going to turn the NHL into ringette.

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