Smid eats composite sticks for breakfast

Saturday night’s game between the Flames and Oilers was largely uneventful. One of the few interesting moments came halfway through the second period when the Flames Olli Jokinen spun around and got his stick up on Ladislav Smid of the Oilers. Smid literally bit down on the stick in his mouth and it looks as though he may have the dental bills to back up that story in the near future.

Jokinen got a double minor for the swat (obviously) though it didn’t make a difference at the end of the night as the Oilers were shutout by the Flames to the tune of 3-0.

In a turn of events that was reminiscent of Duncan Keith circa the 2010 playoffs, Smid returned to play in the third period after sitting out the rest of the second because of the injury.

Watch the clip to get the full speed account of how Smid almost swallowed Jokinen’s stick. Tom Renney experiences what we call “sympathy pains.”