Remember when Marty Turco was a really good goaltender?

Remember when he set a then modern day record with a 1.72 GAA?

Remember when he set pretty much every Dallas Stars franchise record for goalies?

I remember it all very well, and that’s what makes the news that he signed a short term deal with EC Red Bull Salzburg in Austria that much tougher to stomach (Arnold is apparently over the moon with the news) . I’m not going to use this post to try and tell players when they should retire. That’s not my decision. They are grown men and I would never want other people to tell me what to do. I will however take this opportunity to talk about players that have made me wince. Players that I saw dominate at some point in their careers and later on saw them play at a level so much lower than that, that it caused my face to look like I was sucking on a lemon.

Peter Forsberg

I know this seems like the most obvious answer in the world but it had to be said. Calder, Hart and Art Ross trophy winner. Two time Stanley Cup Champion. Multiple gold medal winner, he could do it all. I will never forget in 2002 when Forsberg lead the playoffs in scoring and his team didn’t even make the finals! However his foot problems caused him to miss a lot of time. He tried again and again (and again) to make comebacks and when I saw his try for the final time with the Avs last year, my wince face was on.

Chris Chelios

In Chelios’ final seasons in the NHL, every time he was shown on the screen his age was inevitably mentioned. You would hear colour men around the league say things like “second oldest player ever”, or “The oldest active player in the NHL”. This seemed to distract everyone from the fact that he was 3 steps behind everyone on the ice. My wince moment: When I saw that he had signed a contract with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. Not a great swan song for a three time Norris trophy winner.

Paul Coffey

Coffey was an elite defenceman for the Oilers, Penguins and Red Wings. As a Whaler/Flyer/Blackhawk/Hurricane/Bruin, not so much. I understand the game has changed since his Oiler days when he scored 48 goals and finished second to Wayne Gretzky in scoring, but to score just 24 goals in the final 255 games of his career made my face convulse.

Eric Lindros

The Big E made me wince for a number of reasons. Anytime a player would even look in the direction of his head my eyes almost complete shut for fear that his brain would actually liquify. Lindros was just so physically dominating in his prime, it was just tough to watch him be so fragile on the ice. Put in this way: I even winced when I found out he was playing in the Winter Classic alumni game.

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