Well it certainly wasn’t an exciting game until about five minutes to go in the third, but the Hurricanes-Leafs tilt at the ACC wasn’t short on physicality.

Dion Phaneuf – playing in his 500th NHL game – had the hit of the night for a period after he laid out Drayson Bowman inside the Carolina blueline.

Matt Frattin wasn’t about to hand the captain the “Hit of the Game” award as he laid out former Leaf Alex Ponikarovsky at centre ice. Not only was it a bigger impact, Frattin gets spite points from Leafs Nation for crushing a not-so-beloved name from the past.

Cam Ward takes the cake though with his best “Jose Bautista middle-in fastball” impression on the goalpost.

R.I.P. Cam Ward’s stick

Props to Tim Connolly who came back and scored two goals with, well…

That probably really hurt. Glad he got out of there before Ward’s stick came through too.

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  1. I kinda want that stick. The “Have Fun” he writes on the front of every one would be a funny juxtoposition.

    That said, I can see why he’d be a little frustrated. Played a great game, and loses it on a funny bounce (though on replay, it looks like the puck was actually kicked by the leafs player to get it back in front, so not completely accidental.)

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