So, I get that custom jerseys can be really fun – who knows how many “Lindros 88″ jerseys were printed in Toronto before he ACTUALLY played for the team? – but what the heck is this??


To sort out the issues here:
1) Wayne Gretzky never played for Montreal, this is clear.
2) Wayne Gretzky was a Leafs fan.
3) Wayne Gretzky NEVER wore #11
4) There are plenty of people a Habs fan could have chosen to put on the back of their jersey, why settle on this?

I really hope this guy’s last name is Gretzky and his favourite player is Daniel Alfredsson…

(kudos to @HabsLaughs for the pic)

If anyone else has reasons why this is awful, have at it.

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  1. This brings up a jersey foul question I have…(if anyone ever reads this comment)

    I want to buy an Atlanta Thrashers jersery because (a) I like their maroon 3rd jersey (b) they are cheap (c) to somehow troll Jets fans…

    I was thinking I would get Andy Sutton on it because… well I like Sutton (his short time as a Senator endeared me to him).

    my question is…. is it a foul to wear a Sutton jersey that is the thrashers maroon 3rd jersey. I ask because he never played for Atlanta while they used those jerseys.

    What say you jersey foul judges? Will anyone care?

    • As an aficionado of A) obscure jerseys and B) infamous players, I encourage you to do that.

      If a jersey is an investment the Sutton maroon third will only appreciate in non-monetary value. Why? Because nobody is going to know anything about the Thrashers in five years and nobody is going to know anything about which jerseys Andy Sutton wore while on the team nobody knows anything about.

      Brownie points if you wear it to a Winnipeg Jets game. You win the game if you get “Gretzky #11″ on the back of said maroon Thrash jersey.

    • You’ll probably appear on Puck Daddy’s jersey fouls post. So might be fantastic depending on how you feel about public mockery. That said, there are probably about 3 people who know enough about Atlanta to call you out on it, so you’re probably fine.

  2. maybe his last name is gretzky and hes a habs fan

  3. Hey, Lund… you don’t remember Gus Gretzky? Shame on you.


    when he was young…. he wore 11… was a fan of Montreal Player…

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