I’ve been known to speculate occasionally on the outcome of sporting events

-Amarillo Slim. One of the greatest gamblers in history

Me too Mr Slim. I’ve been getting some requests lately to do a little gambling talk on the this morning post. Since we are approximately 30 games into the season, I thought it may be a good time to do so. 30 Games is a great sample size to try and find some trends that may be useful in handicapping the next 30 games. If you are a gambling virgin no worries, we’ll make a degenerate out of you in no time.  Here are 4 trends so far this season:

I’ll take the Over

The Flyers, Leafs, Capitals and Lightning have all gone Over the total 18 times this season (Over/Under is a bet on the combined goals scored by both teams in a game) The first three shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as they are top 7 in goals/game. The Lightning on the other hand have the 18th ranked offense in the NHL. Those Overs have more to do with giving up goals. 14 of the 18 games that went over the total were in losing efforts

I’ll take the Under

If you have been saying that this year for St Louis Blues games, you are up some money. They have just 8 Overs as opposed to 17 Unders. I think Brian Elliott’s 1.45 GAA may have  a little something to do with that!

New Coach, No Bet

It’s one of those gambling rules we have all heard a million times: Always bet on a team if they just fired their coach during the season. Some people (I will admit that I am one of them) have often made this bet blindly. So far this year, it has not worked. 5 coaches fired, and those teams are 1-4 in the game after they gave their coach the boot. Only Ken Hitchcock won his debut.

Surprise Surprise

There have been a few surprise teams this year, both good and bad. That means if you have been betting on teams doing surprisingly well, you are likely getting favourable odds and are cashing in. But if a good team is struggling, you are likely paying up to your bookie. Let’s start with the most surprising team this year:

If you bet $100 on the Minnesota Wild every game: You are up $1181

If you bet $100 on the Dallas Stars every game: You are up $792


If you bet $100 on the Tampa Bay lightning every game: You are down $741

Hope these stats help you. Good luck for the next 30 games


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