Ott thanking Morrow for the boost, surely.

The Dallas Stars, unsurprisingly, topped the New York Islanders by a 3-2 score in Long Island tonight. Like any good captain, Brenden Morrow was a spark plug for his team on and off the scoresheet.

Down by one goal in the third period, Morrow tied the game for the Stars less than two minutes into the frame with a power play goal. Three minutes later, Jamie Benn gave the Stars their 3-2 lead which held up as the final score.

When you hear a hockey player talk about leading by example on the ice, it’s not often that they’re physically motivating their teammates. In this case, Steve Ott needed a little bit of a push to get going on the backcheck and, like a good captain, Morrow was there to send Ott flying down the rink to break up a pass to John Tavares in the slot before thumping JT against the boards.  Take a look…

Just like the song goes, you get by with a little help from your friends.

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  1. “The Dallas Stars, unsurprisingly, topped the New York Islanders by a 3-2 score in Long Island tonight” -Chris Lund.

    Was it not even a week and a half ago when the ISLES EMBARRASSED the STARS in Dallas. Think b4 you write something so stupid next time. If the Stars swept them I would nite on this but a series split 1-1 both in regulation gives you NO CREDIBILITY TO POST SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Now I spred this on twitter.

    • Woooo bro… Slow down now. You need to CTFO.

      Also, the Stars are one of the top teams in the West, while the Islanders are the ass of the leastern conference. Ill tell you what, i was not surprised.

    • I hope you’re not seriously arguing that the Islanders are a better team than the Stars because they ‘embarrassed’ Dallas in Dallas by a 5-4 score with Andrew Raycroft – who posted an .815 save percentage that night – in goal for the Stars.

  2. Dido that, great leadership by Morrow though hes not putting up that many points on the board hes letting his teammates know that he is there for major support!

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