Mr. Pizzo and I did some solid topic-hopping today, given the amount of NHL news circulating. My favourite bit today is our Claude Noel segment, in which we decided he’s Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.

And don’t worry, at the bottom of the post I’ve included two more side-by-sides of the two of them. To be clear, we weren’t going on looks when we made the call – you’ll have to listen to the audio clip to hear why.

Today we touched on:

* Pronger’s post-concussion syndrome and the Flyers

* Scott Niedermeyer’s number is being retired in New Jersey tonight. Is he one of the 10 best defensemen to ever play the game?

* We play the jersey game. QUICK WHAT JERSEY DO YOU PICTURE WAYNE GRETZKY IN? (For me it was Kings. That doesn’t seem right somehow.)

* Teemu returns to Winnipeg. Boo/standing-O combo for him like Doan?

* Claude Noel is Rain Man

* Pooping in opponent’s glove: generally not a move made by the mentally stable

* And as always, more.

You can listen to it here:

Download it here. And subscribe on iTunes here.

Below: more Claude Noel as Rain Man.

Definitely, definitely see a similarity.

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  1. No way Teemu gets booed. Wouldn’;t be surprised if there was cheering every time he touched the puck, he’s a folk hero in the peg. This ticket was harder to come by than the season opener.

  2. I listened to this podcast on the weekend and would like to make a comment on Claude Noel:

    I understand how you get Rain Man – he’s a little repetitive and monotone, but listen closely. That is Michael Keaton’s voice. Think about Keaton in the role for “The Other Guys” speaking at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. That’s a dead ringer for Noel.

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