Apparently this is a thing a 35 year old man can do.

As much as I tease goalies on this site, I have to respect what they do. Look at that picture above – some of these guys (and gals) can do things I wouldn’t be able to do if I devoted the rest of my life to their craft.

My problem with a lot of “highlight reel” saves is that they come from the tendy being out of position. Because of that, my favourite saves are the ridiculously athletic splits-style saves that come on backdoor passes, where they just genuinely rob a guy of a sure goal thanks to pure talent. In position, lightning reflexes….that I can dig.

This package has a number of those, and the man shown above features prominently.

Antti Niemi makes a doozy of his own backdoor pad stop in there.


Fortunately, some other sick plays happened this week that didn’t involve goaltenders. Below is our latest installment of Ice Chips, including the best hits (and there are some beauts), goals, and yes, a few more saves.

Check back in a bit for today’s Backhand Shelf Podcast, my thoughts on Pronger being out for the season, and much more.