Lucic can be frequently found hitting people

Sunday looks like it may be a day of film review for NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan. Saturday’s hockey action had plenty of pace and hitting, but we’ve got three hits which are being called “suspension worthy” for your consideration.

We’ll start our journey of impacts in Philadelphia where Milan Lucic was given a five minute major and a game misconduct for boarding Zac Rinaldo of the Flyers. Obviously this wasn’t the smartest play Lucic has ever made given that Rinaldo’s back was to him the entire time. Lucic has already avoided suspension a few times this season so I wouldn’t be shocked to see him get dinged here. Was the hit itself suspension worthy? You tell me…

In Montreal, Adam Larsson fell victim to what was probably the scariest looking impact of the night as Erik Cole came flying around the corner and caught Larsson around what looks to be his chin. For what it’s worth, Cole was only assessed a two minute penalty and Larsson did return to the game. Cole doesn’t have much of a rep for this stuff, though the hit did look really bad.

Finally in tonight’s Lightning-Blue Jackets tilt Jared Boll catches Ryan Shannon with his head down and lays him out across the blueline. Once again for context here, it should be noted that Boll wasn’t given a penalty of any sort and Shannon was alright beyond being a little cut up. Boll isn’t exactly a Lady Byng candidate but I can’t help watching this and thinking, “clean hit.”

If I were to guess who gets what, my predictions would be as follows:

Lucic: 1 game
Cole: Fine
Boll: Nothing

Thoughts, faithful Backhand Shelf readers? Feel free to disagree.