Today was our first opportunity to talk about the Habs firing Jacques Martin, so after a little chat about the grocery store in Maple Leaf Gardens, we started there.

* Should the Canadiens have to hire a bilingual coach? (More on this in an upcoming Shelf post.)

* Mike Milbury speaks out about the “assault and battery” claim

* Milan Lucic with another borderline hit

* Marty St. Louis might start wearing a visor

* Evgeni Malkin is scoring at an impressive rate

* And as always, more

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  1. Great show. I wanted to comment on the visor debate as well. I find it pretty ridiculous, in this day and age, that guys are still fighting tooth and nail to keep visors out of the game. Like you guys said on the show, for a guy who isn’t accustomed to playing with one, it takes maybe a few days to get used to, but honestly… its nothing. When i was younger, i switched to a 1/2 visor and it was weird at first but really didn’t take much to get used to. Then, after seeing a guy’s teeth knocked out in front of me with a high stick during a weekend game, i thought, “hey, maybe i should get a cage before my luck runs out”. And even a full cage is really easy to get used to.

    Accidents happen. It doesn’t even have to come in a game. St. Louis took a puck in practice. I’ve taken a stick across the bridge of my nose while just messing around one time. Note even scrimmage, just fooling around before practice.

    So what is it? Is it just bravado? Are guys scared to wear a mask because they think they won’t fit the mold? Or is it just an out dated way of thinking that we’ll see change slowly over the next 5 years? I’m tempted to compare hockey to the world of snowboarding and skiing. About 10 years ago, the world of snowboarding and skiing saw a fairly quick shift (about 2-3 years) to people going from no helmet to helmet. Pros and Joes alike. It was unpopular and uncool, and quickly shifted to a mainstay. Do we just need some of the bigger stars to start wearing visors? Do we need a big star to lose his life getting hit with a puck in the face?

    Sorry, i know this probably beating a dead horse. I’m just astounded that the league hasn’t pressed this issue harder with all of the recent talk about safety for players. Anyways, great show.

  2. Good discussion about Habs and coaches and languages. Toe Blake and Scotty Bowman the two most successful coaches in Candiens history and are revered as gods in Montreal…both spoke very little french. This is nothing but some french media blowing things out of proportion…as per usual.

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