Chris Mason's mask, via InGoal Magazine.

Two facts: 1) Winnipeg Jets goaltender Chris Mason uses Brian’s brand equipment, and 2) he’s about to start wearing the coolest pads in NHL goaltending history.

Brian’s does custom goalie gear, as we’ve seen in the past – below are their “beer league” Heineken pillows, which are pretty incredible. These $100 bill pads make me dizzy, however.

Taken at the gear expo in St. Paul.

So sure, cool pads are out there, but not in the NHL.

Well, as Kevin Woodley of InGoal Mag shared with us this morning, they’ve decided to go uber-custom on his gear, using the fighter jet/maple leaf combo from the Jets logo and throwing it on his pads. Check ‘em out:

Even the blocker and trapper are cool.

I’m not so sure there’s a whole lot that could even compete with these in the “cool” category – they even used skate laces for the trapper webbing. That stuff is gonna look sweet with his helmet, which we featured earlier here. Is there a vote for another goalie out there?

Hopefully, this is the start of a new NHL trend, where goaltenders attempt to incorporate the team logo on their legs, rather than going with the same recycled patterns we see over and over these days.

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  1. Neil Little had some excellent pads in the AHL:

  2. Those are so sick, it’s ridiculous.

    Brian’s made a sick set for Neil Little when he played for the Philadelphia Phantoms of the AHL.

  3. Yeah, wow, those Phantoms pads are badass too, very cool.

  4. Those are absolutely amazing! C’mon Richard Bachman. Resurrect the Moo-terus on your pads!

  5. The problem is, since so many of these guys are butterfly types, you never see the design as intended. Someone needs to do something on the tops of the pads so it appears when they go butterfly.

    That said a few guys have done cool things. It’s just that most modern goalies are stuck with lame-ass design templates from sponsors

    I thought Felix Potvin put in a good shift with his cat pads:

    There are more, but I’ve been accused of being to “spammy”.

    So, look up the folowing:
    Kelly Hrudey -SJ
    Trevor Kidd – Toronto, Carolina
    Kevin Weekes – various
    Sean Burke – Hartford
    And considering he was doing it as early as 1976, Billy Smith could use some love too.


  6. Sorry, that’s TOO “spammy”.


  7. This article is an absolute joke. How can anyone say that goalies have never done anything like this in the past. Its really only been in the last few years that guys have lost all forms of creativity and gone with the generic pad designs. Back in the day almost every goalie had some sort of custom design to his equipment. Felix Potvin had, by far the greatest pads in the history of the game. All of his designs, Toronto, New York, VancouverN LA and Boston were unreal. Especially when he switched from koho to Brians, those cat pads were amazing. My personal favourites were the purple, black and silver ones he wore for only 1 season in LA. There definitely were some other notables. Don’t get me wrong, Mason’s are sick, but don’t act like this is the first time anyone has tried to get creative with their equipment…Bring back The Cat! Would make a solid backup for any team!

  8. This is just toooooooo cool. I am having trouble explaining to all the Red Wings fans how GREAT IT IS to have the JETS back again. Even if I am living in Windsor Ontario. GO JETS!!!

  9. Those are some pretty sweet Jets pads. Like it was mentioned in the article, I’m surprised more teams don’t do this…though it really seems like every time I see a cool set of custom pads, they always seem to be Brian’s (on top of the $100 bill ones, there was also a set they made that featured the Queen of Spades that were really cool).

    Looks like the major corporations just want their boring patterns on there so that they become “familiar” and synonymous with the brand. I know if I were in the NHL, I’d be wearing some crazy stuff!

  10. Totally badass! I wouldn’t count out Potvin’s cat pads though, I always liked those ones.

  11. Man, sickest of all time? I loved Potvin’s cat pads, and Hrudey’s old Hollywood pads, but Hrudey’s San Jose pads were by far my favorite pads, ever.

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