Chris Mason's mask, via InGoal Magazine.

Two facts: 1) Winnipeg Jets goaltender Chris Mason uses Brian’s brand equipment, and 2) he’s about to start wearing the coolest pads in NHL goaltending history.

Brian’s does custom goalie gear, as we’ve seen in the past – below are their “beer league” Heineken pillows, which are pretty incredible. These $100 bill pads make me dizzy, however.

Taken at the gear expo in St. Paul.

So sure, cool pads are out there, but not in the NHL.

Well, as Kevin Woodley of InGoal Mag shared with us this morning, they’ve decided to go uber-custom on his gear, using the fighter jet/maple leaf combo from the Jets logo and throwing it on his pads. Check ‘em out:

Even the blocker and trapper are cool.

I’m not so sure there’s a whole lot that could even compete with these in the “cool” category – they even used skate laces for the trapper webbing. That stuff is gonna look sweet with his helmet, which we featured earlier here. Is there a vote for another goalie out there?

Hopefully, this is the start of a new NHL trend, where goaltenders attempt to incorporate the team logo on their legs, rather than going with the same recycled patterns we see over and over these days.