He's probably thinking about the bench right now...

There are certainly no shortage of easy “enforcers never leave the bench” jokes, and Cam Janssen is the type of guy who makes us wonder if its because there is a deeper, metaphysical connection between your run of the mill tough guy and the warm embrace of a toasty spot on the sidelines.

As we can see in this video, Janssen is up to some visual trickery. What he would have you believe as a “missed hit” is actually his attempt at going home. Janssen played 2:58 against the New York Rangers and perhaps it’s because Peter DeBoer caught on to Janssen’s desire to stay put in this video:

When you think about it, it’s kind of cute in a “six-year old hockey player falling over” kind of way.

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  1. EVERYBODY wants to be Cal Clutterbuck!

  2. Did the play by play just announce “Janssen on the Forecheck!?”

    Love the face ZPar gives, and the simple touch of hey buddy you’re at the bench now, you’re good for the period..

    In all his shenanigans in STL his stride on the forecheck was a thing of #awkwardbeauty!

    Great guy, brick hands, terrible at coming home..

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