Colton Orr's headshot: Great or Greatest?

Colton Orr isn’t known for much beyond fighting, playing for the Leafs and sharing a surname with the greatest player of all time (yeah, I went there) but everyday we learn a bit more about the Leafs number 28.

In the below video taken at the Leafs’ skills competition, we can deduce the following things:

1) Colton Orr has a sense of humor.
2) The Leafs may not be as bad in the shootout if Colton Orr actually played.
3) The Leafs could be just as bad in the shootout if Orr played and Reimer let those goals in to someone on another team.
4) Tim Tebow is actually Colton Orr – his form on the kneel was absolutely perfect – and we should change the name from ‘Tebowing’ to ‘Orring’

Don’t forget to catch Orr in Buffalo this Saturday when he will no doubt thump my Bills.