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Deryk Engelland of the Pittsburgh Penguins will be adding his face to a long list of headshots in a highlight reel soon as his hit on Marcus Kruger of the Chicago Blackhawks was an ugly one. With Kruger tied up with Pascal Dupuis coming over the Pittsburgh blueline, Engelland came flying across the zone to lay Kruger out against the boards.

It’s pretty clear that the fact Engelland made elbow-to-head contact makes this hit bad, but it’s only made worse by the fact he left his feet. Engelland was only assessed five minutes for fighting on the play while John Scott was given 17 (five for fighting, two for instigating and a ten minute misconduct) for stepping in after the play. Luckily Kruger wasn’t injured and returned to play.

What do you think Backhand Shelf faithful? Engelland doesn’t qualify as a repeat offender in the NHL but I still think this is probably a two game suspension based on what I’ve seen.

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  1. awful. Its bad enough he jumped. but what’s more frustrating is that he had absolutely NO reason to try to throw that hit. Kruger was already tied up with Dupuis. Kruger was not even skating at that point and was obviously not a threat. All Engelland has to do is put a body on the guy and ride him to the boards.

  2. Almost as bad as the hit was crappy penalty thrown on the hawks which lead to a goal and a 3-2 win.

  3. I understand that this is how the league wishes to go about things – but Engelland deserves the extra time, not Scott. If he didn’t headhunt Kruger, Scott would not have jumped in. And until the league punishes the original wrongdoer worse than someone coming to the aid of his teammate, we’ll keep seeing this happen.

  4. That was Scott Stevens on Kozlov style. Well, pretty much every hit Stevens ever laid style.

  5. jumped, head shot, he didnt stick his elbow out but it looks like he still hit him with his elbow

  6. Now reports say Kruger’s out with a concussion. Gotta think that’ll impact the hearing.

  7. FYI: KRUGER DIDN’T PLAY the rest of the game..

    That’s why in the 3rd Kane switched to center, and him & Toews started to pick it up..

    Engelland definitely deserves time off, 3 games is standard procedure..

    Also a good defender would’ve just coralled the puck, and made a quick decisive pass out of the zone, to send his forwards on a great transition.. (Clearly Engelland didn’t see that play at all)

    Kudos to Scott for doing the right thing, and getting justice immeadiately! 2 minutes well worth it!

    • My bad, reports at the time said he had returned to the bench and I was under the impression that he had a couple shifts.

  8. Clearly a penalty, and Engelland deserves a few games, but let’s chalk this up as another win for the fighting in hockey debate. While I have definitely outgrown the “two enforcers square off for absolutely no reason” fisticuffs, these are the kinds of plays that would frustrate me if fighting was taken out of the game. There’s a questionable hit, and Scott is there instantly to make Engelland pay for what he did.

    And make him pay he does, as he wails on him and bloodies him. Some swift, and well deserved, justice from Scott there. Great to see after a completely unnecessary, cowardly hit.

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