This is what Bublé saw before he went face first into the boards

The Vancouver Canucks are 1-2 in shootouts this season, but they’re going to need to look beyond the music industry to solve their problems. Michael Bublé came to join the Canucks at practice today and had the chance to take on Roberto Luongo in the shootout.

While his attempt on goal wasn’t half bad, the end result was painful to watch as Bublé went careening into the boards after his shot on goal. Corey Schneider’s chagrined body language says it all if you ask me. Take a look…

Bublé had a pretty good time, calling it the greatest day of his life. For those of you who don’t know the guy is a pretty big hockey fan and a part owner of the Western League’s Vancouver Giants.

If you’re wondering, Bublé somehow hit the post on that effort and he regrets not beating Luongo upstairs. I’m willing to bet that if he had gone Backhand Shelf he would have had a contract with someone by now. It’s not often that you can find an anthem signer/right winger in the same person.

No word on whether Bublé – who didn’t wear a visor – had concussion-like symptoms after his tumble. If Luongo has a meeting with Brendan Shanahan over the incident, it will surely be to sip eggnog and listen to Mr. Bublé’s delightful Christmas catalogue.