“It took us all by complete shock because we had no idea that he had his bell rung the other night. He, kind of, kept that from us. He didn’t tell the trainers or the doctors yesterday that he had his bell rung”- Ron Wilson on Colby Armstrong’s concussion

Bell rung? I thought with concussions being in the forefront for years now that saying had been retired. I was really surprised to hear it come from Wilson’s mouth. Now he did say “concussion” a little later on and I’m not saying that he can’t distinguish between the two, but it was still weird to hear the words “Bell Rung”.

What else don’t we hear in hockey anymore? What other phrases, words, sayings were common place in the past, but now seem strange to hear?

Here are a few:

“Shake the cobwebs out”

I’m not actually on NHL benches, but I can say with a lot of confidence that you won’t hear this anymore from behind the bench. Coaches have been saying it to players of all ages for years. Someone gets hit pretty hard, they have a glazed look in their eyes, and the coach asks if they are alright. Once the player says yes, you will inevitably hear “ok, shake the cobwebs out and get back out there”. These days it sounds more like: “get his ass to the quiet room”.

“The Goalie only has to make the first save”

Remember this one? It was used in the days where….

a) Goalies never went down

b) Goalie’s pads were essentially sponges that soaked up water throughout the game making them weigh 10 times more than when the game started

c) Goalies rarely made saves at all

Goaltenders today are far too talented (and padded) to make such a simple request. They are either expected to suck up the puck so there is no rebound, or at the very least direct the save into a spot on the ice that doesn’t pose an offensive threat.


When I was a kid, there were certain things you knew about every team in the NHL. Their captain, their superstar, their goalie and their goon. Every team had at least one and many times (despite playing about 4 minutes a game)  they were the most popular players for the fans. I’m not saying the role of the “tough guy” is dead. I’m saying when was the last time you listened in on a hockey conversation and heard someone say “he is such a goon”. (Yes, I am fully aware of the movie coming out in February)

He’ll get in shape at camp

You hear numerous stories of players in the 1970′s coming to training camp 20 pounds overweight and using that time to shed the off season beer weight. That does not happen anymore. Players train year around and come to camp ready to go.

“Lumber”, “twig”, or  anything that would imply that your stick is made of wood

Walk into any sporting goods store and go to the hockey stick section. Ask one of the employees where the wood sticks are and you will likely have some pimply faced teenager with bad facial hair ask you “they used to make sticks out of wood?”. One piece composites are the sticks of choice, but be prepared to pay for them!

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