Paul Gaustad stalks his prey...

It was a good night for controversy as we have a few hits for Brendan Shanahan’s consideration.

In Washington, Alex Semin put Jordin Tootoo face first into the boards on a hit from behind at center ice. Semin was given a two minute boarding minor and carried on with his game. That being said, reputation means a lot in pro sports and I’d have to think that if that was Tootoo hitting Semin that’s five and a game. Here’s the first video for your consideration:

Not to be outdone, Paul Gaustad lined up Jesse Winchester from behind in the Sabres/Senators tilt in Ottawa tonight. Obviously the impact wasn’t as dramatic as we’ve seen in other boarding calls – probably why Gaustad wasn’t given a penalty of any sort – but it has been reported that Winchester didn’t return and has a concussion (UPDATE: It’s confirmed, Winchester does) . Take a look:

Well folks, if you worked at the NHL Head Office which made you raise your eyebrows more?

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  1. Semin hit was a CFB, the Gaustad hit was a hockey play.

  2. Winchester stops a couple feet away from the boards when he knows Gaustad is there ready to hit him. I don’t think the hit was that bad. The Semin hit was clearly a dangerous play. I see Semin getting a game, and Gaustad getting nothing.

  3. Ya, i’m a Sens and hate the Sabres, but to me the refs got the Gaustad one right. Maybe 2 for boarding but to me that’s just a hockey play that had an unfortunate end. Winch got hit more on the side I thought, and def. knew Gaustad was the and going to hit him.

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