I hope Hamonic isn't telling Montoya he'll make sure nobody runs him...

Another night, another goalie bites the bust in the NHL. As happy as Ryan Miller is that it wasn’t him, I’m sure he gets some sympathy pains watching Al Montoya get really up close and personal with all 200 pounds of Evander Kane at top speed.

Kane, for all of his trouble, was pretty vocal about his feelings regarding the call. Obviously he’s going to make the argument that Milan Jurcina “helped” him into Montoya, which certainly looks like the case, and you can hear him articulate that quite nicely.

Brace yourselves…

Evgeni Nabokov came on in relief and finished the game for the Isles.

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  1. this video cannot be accessed from my current location (Canada)… damn

  2. I want to say that Kane is going to end up getting his ass handed to him by an enforcer at some point. This has been twice within a week that he has literally gone full speed to the net. This is a fine play but both of these plays look like he leaves himself no option other than run the goalie. The defenseman should and would never let him skate free to the net and he cuts off any escape route for himself besides run the goalie over. At some point someone will have to try and let him know… hey don’t run over our goalie.

  3. Should be suspended for this one. Initial point of contact is to the head (with his stick) resulting in injury. It doesn’t matter that the defender was on him, Kane took a path that left him with no option but to run the goalie and when he gets there he makes no move to soften the blow.

  4. Kane is definitely less at fault here than when one of Vancouver’s chumps did the exact same thing against Calgary a couple of weeks ago. He was diverted right into Montoya.

    • Looks like Jurcina went to check him and didn’t catch him in time.

      Still, where the HELL was he going to go at that speed.

      Jurcina and Streit had the middle turned up so his only options were to go behind the net or run the goalie.

      While I’d argue that Miller was way out of position and Lucic basically ran him for the hell of it, Montoya was in the freaking crease when Kane ran him. Was he actually shocked that the Islanders have a goaltender in there?

      He’ll be lucky not to get suspended. He’s more lucky (as Olindo said) that one of the Isles didn’t just square up to him and beat the bejesus out of him.

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